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What to expect at follow up?

Sunday, 9-15-13, I suffered what I am sure was a heart attack.  I was sitting in bed on my computer and started experiencing chest pains that felt very constricting.  I tried to get up and ended up on my hands and knees on my bedroom floor.  All I could think was oh god and breathe breathe breathe.  I started sweating like crazy and not sure if I passed out or not.  I just remember at some point opening my eyes and thinking the pain had stopped.  When I stood up I saw myself in the mirror and didn't even recognize the person staring back at me.  I was grey and soaking wet.  I looked liked I had just been put threw the ringer to say the least.  I sat back down on bed and trying to comprehend what had just happened.  I took an aspirin and called a neighbor to take me to ER.  This is where I'm a little ticked.  They did EKG, said my numbers were elevated.  Drew blood about 30 minutes later.  Sent me to waiting room for about 3 hours.  Called me back to another room where I sat for 2 hours and 15 minutes before anyone ever came in the check my vitals or get history.  Never was I put on any type of cardiac monitor.  They finally came in and drew more blood and told me follow up with a Dr on Monday.  I actually have an appt tomorrow (Wednesday) and really am just trying to find out what to expect now.  On my own I have been taking an aspirin a day.  But I don't really feel the ER took me seriously at all and that really infuriates me.  I do not have a gallbladder so it wasn't that.  I just want to know whats next.  
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Sorry for the late response, did your doctor order any tests?
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