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my heart stops beating

Hi im a 23 year old female and have been having episodes were my heart actuely stops beating for 1 to sometimes 4 seconds im scared i may be having heart problems .. i have no previous conditions... i also get sweaty palms and a sudden rush of what seams like adrenaline at the same time ... any help would be greatly appreciated
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A 4 second break is rather long in my mind, 1 second, well that's what we all have with a 60 bpm heart rate, a very healthy heart rate for a person at rest.

If the rate, forget for a moment about the 4 second gap, is such that you count over 50 bpm per minute the situation may not be too critical... but it seems like good advice to get a check up with your doctor.  An in office EKG may give the doctor what is needed to tell you how serious it looks.  If the missing beats are not often they will most likely not show up on the EKG, a shot time sample, but that sample tells a lot about how well the heart is functioning.

My primary care doctor can do an EKG, I do not have to jump immediately to a specilist, cardiologist.  I have one, but that's because I suffer from heart disease.  

Try to accumulate some data to discuss with your doctor:
normal resting heart rate
how often you notice the skipped beats, how do you notice
if you feel dizzy or have head achs
other physical symptoms.
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There's a few different things that can cause that. It has to be caught on an ekg to know what the cause is.    Your doc can have you use a holter monitor which is very portable for a day or up to 30 days if needed.  
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Thank you and i have seen my gp who diagnosed me with panick disorder .. i only experience my panivk attscks after i find my heart has stopped ...its almost as if i have to move my body to start it going again .. its very scary and im waiting for an appointment for a 24 hour monitor but my gp is always very busy ...  im just scared something may happen to me in the mean time
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Thank you for your help i have seen my gp who is notmaly very busy so hard to get an apointment and been to the hospital 3 times very scared all of the tests came back clear they said my heart look healthy for my age and the doc also said he cant hear any abnormality they took bloods witch came back normal and im waiting for a 24 hour ekg im just scared something may happen to me in the mean time
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If you can afford it, why not buy a blood pressure machine that tells your heart rate as well as bp.  Once the bp is read, you will see a visual of your heart beat.  It is very, very easy to miss heart beats using your fingers on your arteries.  I'm not a health professional, but I think if your heart didn't beat for four seconds, you would have symptoms such as passing out and incontinence.  Given the fact you have had three tests, all negative, I'd think you should simply relax and enjoy the holidays.
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I wouldn't worry about your heart stopping.  There's a backup built in.  Need to catch these "pauses" on an ekg to see what's up.
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Ok thank you for your help ... im probably just over thinking things i do that a lott... i just cant seem to get this off my mind its happens to me mainly when im relaxed in bed at night otherwise im normaly ok  
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I dont know if this is connected but since this has been happening i have been getting small shooting pains some can only last 5 seconds to maybe a minute around my temple area and behind my eyes ... i may just be paranoid but im rarely ill and these past 7 weeks have been so scary ... having to see my gp and even have visits to the local hospital
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Sounds like something I had. I used to get random shooting sharp pains in my temple area to the top of my head while I was dealing with heart palpitations. I realized it was a symptom of something. I had extremely low vitamin d. That was my issue, but for sure get all the tests done. Including that 24hr holter monitor so they can see exactly how your heart is beating. In my opinion when a doctor diagnosed someone with panic disorder, I shake my head. Don't listen to that, listen to your body, know your body is telling you something. I also got panic attacks before I knew I was low on Vitamin D. For some reason taking vitamin D with magnesium helped everything including my skipped heartbeats. Look into magnesium and helping people with panic attacks and with the heart. It's a great mineral people need more of these days. I'm sure your heart is perfectly fine and it's something else. Get all your tests done to make sure everything is okay with your heart and if everything comes back fine processed to step two with figuring out what causes that feeling you get. That's how I figured out my answer when I started getting skipped heartbeats. I got all my heart tests done and everything came back perfect. He kept telling me I'm fine and that everyone gets them. I told myself, why me though? Doesn't make sense. I was determine to figure this out on my OWN. My regular doctor never would have found out I had low vitamin d until I did my own research. Then my second doctor put me on vitamin d regiment. I did more research, you need to take magnesium and vitamin k with vitamin d as it works together in the body.These doctors, I swear lol It small things like that I realize why it's frustrating when they say things like, "Oh, I'm gonna diagnosed you with panic disorder. Here's some medication." -__-  Your heart doesn't act up like this for no reason. I hope this helps. :)
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thank you for that ... im still waiting for my hospital appointment for the heart monitor but if all comes back fine i will make sure i get to the bottom of it ... .. i no longer get pannick attacks but my heart still races and i still get heart palpatations along with small headaches that can last a whole day but mainly last a few seconds up to a minute or two any thing i find out i will be sure to let you know thanks again though
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