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please dont judge i would really appreaciate someones help for them to understand

some of you may of heard of the thc oil going about that gets you stoned but its exaully a drug called spice a drug to mimic thc but is alot cheaper and alot dangeous well i bought a botttle off someone thinking it was thc oil like smoking weed most of us have done it, when i bought it the guy gave me 3 bottles he said 1 is for me keeping you waiting and the other if you put on ur story and tag  me i was so happy that i got like 40quid free of this oil  but after 1 bottle was smoked i started getting these heart palpitations which i ignored because weed does increase ur heart rate we all know that ,after the second bottle they just kept gettign worse and lasting  longer halfway threw my last bottle i smoked it and i think i just about dodged a mild heart attack so that was scary i stopped and went to bed// the very last drop of that oil in my efeg i woke up around 6am i smoked it and straight away i just knew i was taking a heart attack my heart was absoloutely pounding the pipe going to my lungs felt really tight it almost felt like my food pipe was a straw attached to  plastic bags and they just kept squeezing i couldnt even feel my jaw i couldnt move, then when i placed my hand on my chest my whole body just started pumping and pumping like my arm connected to my heart i understand this was a mild heart attack but that happened like 5 months ago and now my sternum looks like there is a hole in it it sticks out and sometimes i get symthoms of angina yet alone im a 15year old so how can i get angina my heart palpitation at this piont are getting really bad along with my shortness of breath we went to ANE and my heartrate ws 141bpm they didnt say anything but they done blood tests and said like my blood was 227over and if it was 1200 i would have pancreatic arythmas, they said everything was fine no need to be worried and sent me home can someone please help me get to the bottom of this all i can do is worry and lie in my own guilt of why i would of done this to myself have i damaged my heart forever can someone help please
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