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should I get a second opinion?

Hi there,

My son (aged nearly 4) has complete heart block and is due to be paced in the next few weeks.
I'm worried about the competency of his consultant. Firstly, 2 other doctors in the last few months have diagnosed a murmur, whereas his consultant at the last examination stated there was no murmur. And secondly, I had a tick bite that was removed very carelessly a while before getting pregnant with my son. I was never tested for Lyme Disease, but understand that this can both travel via placenta, and cause heart block, and can also reverse heart block with antibiotics, but my consultant isn't willing to explore this avenue.

Should I get a second opinion?   I know it's a long shot but I feel it's worth exploring.

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I would certainly look for another caregiver. I have no opinion about the competence of your current consultant, but in my opinion it is of great importance to have a consultant that you feel you can trust especially as you will perhaps have to deal with him for a long time.
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