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Echo results after 3 weeks of being sick


I've been sick for 3 weeks with high heart rate (usuallly when standing), lightheadedness, loss of appetite, tingling in ankles, twitching in hands.  

Had an Echo and holter monitor, both of which cardiologist said were normal.  But then I had the results faxed to me and was hoping you could review the below and tell me if you agree they are normal.

I'm 29, caucasian, 5'8" 165 lbs (was 175 lbs just 3 weeks ago)

I am going to another cardiologist this week for another opinion as well.

Results:  Please comment below

Left Ventricle:  B/A reversal is present suggestive of reduced left ventricular compliance

Mitral Valve:  Minimal Mitral annular calcification  Trace to mild mitral regurgitation

Aortic Valve:  mild aortic sclerosis

Left Atrium:  Borderline left atrial enlargement

Triscuspid Valve/Pulmonnic Valve:  Trace to mild tricuspid regurgitation.  Estimated pulmonary artery systolic pressure of 31 mmHG assuming a right atrial pressure of 10 mmHG.  Borderline pulmonary hypertension.  Trace to mild pulmonic regurgitation.

Right Ventricle and Right Atrium:  Borderline right ventricular enlargement; Mildly enlarged right atrium

Interatrial septum Aneurysm; Possible PFO visualized

Diastolic dysfunciton suggested by Dopler

Normally if the doc said the above was normal, I would say OK and move on. But since I'm
SO SICK and can't do anything and have all the symptoms above I'm scared.

Cardio and internist are telling me they think I have anxiety.  

Look forward to your most thoughtful response as I'm very apprehensive.
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