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debilitating symptoms - first time with tachycardia

I'm hoping to get an opinion here as I've been very scared, very debilitated (not working) for the last 21 days.

29, caucasian, 5'8" 165 lbs.  

Last 10 years (since age 19):  Borderline/Mild Hypertension w/o treatment.  Avg BP during 10 year period:  135/85

For the last year or so I have had bouts of lightheadedness, noticing that these are worse when standing up, when going on long walks, or when in "stressful" situation like standing in line at grocery store.  

3 weeks ago the lightheadedness worsened and was accompanied by loss of appetite.  Since then (3 weeks) I have lost 10 pounds.  

Went to physician for physical.  Blood tests were normal.  Not diabetic.  BP in prehypertension range as always.  Heart rate, however was over 100.  Did EKG and doctor sent me to ER.  

In ER, they did CT scan which was negative.  Gave me fluids. Diagnosed tachycardia and sent me home.

Went to Cardiologist 2 days later - did 24 hour holter and echo.  Cardiologist says both showed normal heart function.

Lastly, I've been having these symptoms  now for 3 weeks and not getting better:  lightheadeness.  High heart rate (tachy) when standing up (not when lying down), loss of appetite, loss of 10 pounds, tingling in ankles, loss of concentration, no ability to do anything (fatigue), some erectile dysfunction.

In your opinion should I see a neurologist as well as these could be symptoms of dysautonomia or autoimmune disease.  I am HIV negative and do not have hepatitis, diabetes, or lyme disease.

Lastly my vitamin D is insufficient (16).  I believe I may be slightly dehydrated.  Should I take a vit D supp?

Thank you for anything you can provide here.  I've been very upset and debilitated and need some help!
What do you think could be going on with me?  
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