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any relationship between bradycardia and anxiety ??
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I would seriously doubt it.  Although everyone's body reacts differently to all kinds of situations.  Anxiety and stress causes the release of hormones like epinephrine.  This in turn should make your heart rate increase.    
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According to a book called "Hope and Help for your nerves" by Dr Claire Weekes, the answer is a definite "YES"  This is called a "Vasovagal" attack and is brought on by over stimulation of the parasympathetic nerve, the vagus. The parasympathetic nerves hold the adrenalin-releasing nerves in check. In these attacks, they "check" too severely and the heart slows to an uncomfortable rate.

As she says, "Remember, the attack is also a result of too much nervous stimulation, your heart is not diseased, the attack does not harm your heart."

Actually, she said that your doctor can prescribe tablets to control them if necessary. It is well to terminate and attack quickly, as it can be exhausting although not harmful.

I highly recommend this book if you are under a lot of anxiety, it has been invaluable to me.

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Thnx for the advice is there any medication for vasovagal  and also i have haypotention and bradycardia and is Hypotension related too??Thnx Again
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If you go to the National Dysautonomia Research Foundation ndrf.org and click on learn more scroll down to  PDF format online it has an excellent, easy to understand booklet about the ANS system, what it does, about the vegas nerve etc


if you are having hypotension and bradycardia which most times are due to a mixed signal in the autonomic nervous system/brain/heart connection and can be treated with extra fluids, salt and Midodrine or Florinef, compression stocking and some others  

here's some more info from the Dysautonmia forum here: http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Neurological-Disorders/Autonomic-Dysfunction-FAQ/show/181?cid=196  ; 4. What is a Vasovagal Reflex? 5. What are some of the more common symptoms of an autonomic dysfunction

anxiety may just be part of the ANS with mixed signals about adrenaline (epinephrine)

hopefully this makes sense...I have brain fog horribly lately and sometimes miss explaining things =)
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Strangely enough the answer is yes.

It's just like SassyLassie explained. Sometimes when your parasympathic system is too active, the body finds this inappropriate and you get a reverse reaction.

With anxiety, you may have huge responses both ways.

Also, there is a response called the vasopressor response. This usually is caused by high blood pressure, where the heart slows down to lower your blood pressure. If you are hypotensive this probably isn't the case with you.
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