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coq10 for tachycardia -

Has anyone tried  coq10 for tachycardia  or heard of it?
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I use CoQ10 (Ubiquinol) 200 mg up to 3 times daily for post ablation heart palpations instead of heart meds or BP meds.

I don't know if they would have worked before the ablation though.  I read on several websites that it has been noted in several studies that CoQ10 levels are usually low in persons with heart conditions and even diabetes - especially if they are taking heart meds which can cause the CoQ10 to go even lower!!  I could send you a multitude of inks on it.  I also found that ATP might be a supplement to research to see if that might help also.
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I was hit by tachycardia about a month after dropping statins "cold turkey" (they had frightening side effects). However, I had put myself on 400-800 mg (it varied) of CoQ10 immediately upon stopping the Simvastatin. The tachycardia came back several times per week, and strange heart rhythms also, for several weeks and then stopped. It's been three weeks now with no tachycardia but once in a while maybe 10 seconds of "skipped" beats. My tachy was diagnosed as sinus tachycardia, by the way. I don't know if the CoQ10 put a halt to the tachy, but it's gone!
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CoQ10 is great for the heart however unless you eat an extremely poor diet full of processed foods you should never have to take supplements.  Chances are that your CoQ10 and metabolic enzyme levels are fine and you may just add full to the fire by taking supplements.
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so ubiquinol has the same effect as coq10 and can lower heart rate?  I have strange tachycardia I was taking simvastin also preventatively, but may stop now.  does atp also help the heart muscle and rhythm?  
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