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heart rhythym problems: should I be pushing for more answers

I have previously been diagnosed with SVT and I have been on medication for a few years (verapamil.  I couldnt take a beta blocker due to severe allergies and need to use an epipen.  Last year my cardiologist added a diuretic.  In the past  year I have a heart murmur that according to my primary Dr is worsening, a heart rate that stays elevated 100-130 and significant leg swelling.  He keeps referring me back to my cardiologist who listens to my heart but has not done any further testing.  Because I am close to fifty I am concerned that a more aggressive approach should be taken to look at my heart ie echo, stress test etc.  I  am afraid that because of my former diagnoses my current cardiologist isn't taking the time to make sure my heart is working okay in other areas.  Should I push the issue and/or get a second opinion?
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Thank you so much for the feedback.  I got really great finformation on this site, even the suggestion that my kidneys might be the problem. I should have given more information as my primary has done extensive testing and my kidneys look great, but my heart never rests and appears to be working harder and harder even between SVT episodes which have not been a major issue recently.  In addition my murmur has gotten much louder and I now have a second one.  I can't wait for my Primary to come back from vacation.  He really wanted an echo and will keep following up.   I do trust him.  My Pulmonologist, Neurosurgeon and primary are all concerned about my cardiac function.  Maybe they need to each contact my cardiologist directly with the information they have or recommend one they work well with?  Thanks again.  
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I can not beleive the have not mentioned an ablation. I have SVT and that is the first thing my doc mentioned. I had all the other rest and they were normal except my EKG.
You should at least get an ECHO, when I had tachycarida that was my first test done and I am only 30. I think you need a better cardiologist. Good luck
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I don't think it could hurt to insist on an echocardiogram.  It is a noninvasive approach to assessing the heart chambers, valves, and pumping efficiency.  Does the doctor give any explanation to the swelling?  

Given your history and the possibility of a worsening regurgitation, an echo would seem a good place to start.  I'm not a doctor, but have spent a lot of time in cardiac office and waiting rooms : )
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I am not a doctor, but I have had similar symptoms and my doctor did order labs and an echo. I wore a monitor so much I almost had scars for the electrodes. If you are having swelling in your feet and legs and hands I would push the issue with your family doctor first, since these symptoms could be related to something else. You may need your kidneys checked . You may try to find a different Cardiologist? I work at a medical clinic and can't get answers..but one thing I have learned is Doctors are just People...just like you and me. They went to school and learned a lot things. They guess a lot..and they get burned out. If you are NOT comfortable with ANY doctor for any reason...never hesitate to see someone different!  Good Luck to you
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