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1 year on after taking fish oil for my pvc's

Hello all
I'm celebrating! 1 year success with taking fish oil and magnesium for my pvc's. I haven't had such a good year for years (15 years exactly since my heart first skipped)! I still have the skips, but it's much better, and I haven't had one of my episodes, where the heart rate goes up, the heart skips on a continuous basis, and I generally feel lousy and anxious. Most of you know how this feels. I still have to watch what I eat a bit, white bread is a no no for me (MSGs?), and absolutely no caffein or alcohol. I still believe it's the vagus nerve which causes these heart-irregularities, which would explain why so many of us have triggers like certain foods/alcohol/coffee, etc. But I'm so happy happy happy (can you tell!). I feel more calm and secure in myself. I take 2x antireflux coated fish oil pills (mornings and evenings, with a meal), and 2x magnesium. I do wonder if anyone else has had such success with fish oil or if it's just me?
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Excellent. Glad to hear you are doing so well. I also take Magnesium (250 mg/day) and fish oil although I hesitate to attribute much to them specifically at this point as I started taking them shortly after starting Sotalol in early July (for Afib). Except for a couple of short episodes in September, I have been in NSR since starting the Sotalol. I also virtually stopped drinking alcohol at the same time. With so many changes it's hard to know what's working and what isn't. The most important variable at this point seems to be the timing of the Sotalol (empty stomach vs full and time of day) and getting enough sleep. I can't overemphasize the importance of this last factor, at least in my case.

How much magnesium and fish oil do you take each day?
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Good to hear you are doing so well!  I had some recent bliss but then had a 10 day flare up.  Not really sure what happened, I'm guessing it was because I had 3 weeks prior gone mostly off a good diet and was drinking more beer than I normally do.  It all started with us going on vacation...and me letting my decent eating habits go to heck.

I also added some calcium into my mag supp because after talking to some people and reading about it, mag and cal should be taken together.    I started back to my good diet habits and added the calcium at the same time.  PVCs improved.  So I don't know which one helped, or if it's just a fluke.

Fish oil had an opposite effect on me, but i think that's because at the time GERD was an issue for me and certainly aggravated my PVCs.  Fish oil for someone already with GERD is just going to make it worse.  I think the moral of the story, like Bob is saying, everyone has different triggers and coping strategies. When you change 2 or 3 major variables in your life it's hard to pinpoint which one had the positive or negative results.

PVC can also have many different triggers, diet, GERD, or general heart.  Finding the right mix of things to help is a journey that's for sure.

I supp 325mg of two different mag supps, Mag Glycinate and Mag Tuarate.   I just added 600 mg Cal + D.    If you supp mag I read it should be in a 2:1 ratio CAL:MAG.  meaning twice as much cal.  

Mag really really helped me in more than a few ways.  When I first started it my PVCs vanished.  I also felt more relaxed and my BP lowered by 10 points all around.  When I read the literature on mag I was doing everything to deplete it and it was no where in my diet.  So this made sense to me, though mag was the one thing in my blood works I didn't have checked.  After about 6 weeks on it, some symptoms returned only worse.  I actually read a site that said if you don't take cal with it "same symptoms may return only worse".  That struck a chord with me.  again, I didn't have it checked, just added cal into the mix and things are heading back in the right direction for now.

Here's to good health and no PVCs!!!
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I take 2x 500mg Magensium Chelate (1 mornings, 1 evenings) plus 1000 mg Enteric Coated Reflux Free Fish Oil (again 1 mornings, 1 evenings, with a meal). I do have reflux apparently, although I don't have the normal symptoms, only a slightly sore throat in the mornings (I have had a barium meal done years ago and the result was: very free reflux).
And yes, I agree, everyone is different, and needs to find out what helps, I'm just wrapped that this helps me, withouth having to take any other medication (don't like the beta blockers but have them, just in case...).
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Great for you!! I too have conquered the PVC monster! I was having them every 5 or 6  beats and were so strong that I thought my heart was coming out of my throat. This was an added problem for me since I have a complex ventricular tachycardia and PVCs would trigger the VT. To beat the PVCs I started taking Fish oil(1200mg) Magnesium(2x250) and Co Enzyme Q-10(200mg). When I first suggested this to my cardiologist... he was all for it and it worked! I have had 4 ablations for VT and an ICD (implanted cardiac defibrillator) and something as simple as some over the counter vitamins and minerals have cured the PVCs. My condition has improved to the point, where 3 weeks ago all features but one on my ICD have been turned off.
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Hi Skippie,

Congratulations with your great results! I am so happy for you.
It was because of you I started taking fish oil too. I read some of your post and they inspired me.

I had great results with Magnesium and Fish Oil myself. In May 2009 I was diagnosed with mild MVP with mild MR. The Holter test showed some PAC's, 187 PVC's, 22 couplets and 2 episodes of VT a day. The cardiologist put me on Bystolic 2,5 mg (Nebivolol) for the VT. After starting with the Beta Blocker (BB)  I had more PVC's than I used to have. I was nervous and anxious and turned to this forum for help. In june 2009 I started with Magnesium Oxide 250 mg 2 times a day and Omega 3 fish oil 700 mg 2 times a day. Well the PVC's reduced considerably and if I got one it was a light one. I got to the point were I was PVC free for days.

In august 2009 I started taking Magnesium Citrate 400 mg a day. In september 2009 I switched to another BB Concor 2,5 mg (bisoprolol). At this time I was not taking the Magnesium and Fish Oil as prescribed. The reason for this is I did not feel right with my stomach. Last wednesday I got tachycardia. After four months of being tachycardia free. I think my upset stomach, headache, muscle pain, tingling in my fingers were side effect of the new BB. I called my cardiologist and she suggested that it will be better to switch back to the former BB. So I did and again I am taking magnesium and fish oil as prescribed. Now I am taking Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000 mg 2 times a day. I am feeling better allready.

I have a question. Do you take your magnesium with a meal?

Of course I don't drink alcohol, I try to eat as healthy as possible, I drink a lot of water and I try to do some exersice.

All the best,

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oh, I'm so glad to hear about your positive results. I do repeat myself a bit on this forum, but keep thinking, if one of my posts can help just one of you out there, then I'll be happy. I have joined this forum last year (found it by browsing for an answer to my pvc misery) and it has changed my life. To find you all, to hear your stories and to realise, I'm not alone, has helped me greatly. For so many years I have suffered in silence, listened to doctors telling me nothing is wrong, just live with it. And suddenly, this door opened and I found so many others with the same symptoms.
Since I've added fish oil, I have seen such improvements, it's almost unbelievable. And yes, I do take my magnesium and fish oil with meals, much easier on the stomach. Thanks for your replies, it's good to know others have had good experiences with fish oil too.
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