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10-15 PVCs a day...

Right now I am honestly working on coping with my anxiety regarding my PVCs. I have had a 4 day holter and the cardiologist was friendly enough but pretty much told me to not be concerned and come back if they become a lot worse. I wish I could say that helped with my anxiety, but it did not. I am honestly just waiting for them to become worse now. When I have around 5 PVCs today, I am generally not concerned until I get that drop feeling. THAT IS THE WORST. When I start getting near 10+ I freak. For some reason in my head, that is just an unaccpetable. Yay anxiety! I read somewhere that having like 0-20 PVCs is probably pretty below the average of number of PVCs experienced per person per day. Do you think this is true? I wish I could just track everyone's heart around me! LOL
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We know it's true.  A lot of us get in excess of 2000 a day.  Some get many, many more.  It is just a matter of understanding that those feelings mean nothing.  There are tons of different, some awful, feelings associated with arrythmias for people who can feel them.  Some you will never get used to, but you will be able to handle better.If I got 10 a day, I would think I was perfect!
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RNRita is spot on , 10-15 PVCs is nothing I used to have them in the thousands and felt everyone, now  I have a few a day , some times I have none, had them all my life , 50 years old and still going strong!
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10 a day is nothing... I use to get 10 a day. I wish I could go back to that. Now I get 100s a day. Still not as much as most people! Honestly 10 a day isn't even worth noting .
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