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2 week holter results

I just got my 2 week holter results. The summary was very isolated pac, 1 ventricular couplet. No runs, pauses or dispersions. No correlation to even diary. What does all of this mean? Am I at risk?
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If your echo is normal than your fine stop worrying.thats such a low burden.
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The ventricular couplet after a pac is interesting. What is your age? Of over 50 its not so abnormal, but under is a bit more significant even as an isolated incident.

Did you exercise while wearing the holter? Did you perform a stress test? These results are useful.

I would start a low dose metoprolol regimen and retake a holter and stress. Echo results matter as well.

Couplets are a matter of signidicant debate, Ive read alot of different opinions on management. There is some evidence that while the couplet itsself is not dangerous, it could be a red flag that identifies patients that are higher risk.

Increase in the freauency of couplets over the years is an even stronger predictor, as is a marked increase in couplets in exercise or recovery.

While it is true that a singular couplet is not necessarily dangerous, it IS likely reentrant in nature. Imo it oays ti be cautious here. Requests metoprolol and a stress.
Does it change anything if the couple was actually supra ventricular didn’t understand before what s ventricular meant. I think it makes more sense since wouldn’t I be getting pvcs more than once every 2 weeks? Also keep in mind the holter was 2 weeks long 24/7 what is requesting another one going to do? The odds are it’s just going to see the same thing.
Don’t listen to the other person they are trying. To insight fear of your heart is structurally normal than your fine it’s a low burden this person telling you stuff sounds like a 1960 medical book your good I’m 17 I get pacs more than pvcs and been told by 5 cardiologist it’s normal cardiac responses even if you had idiopathic vtach your cardiac output drops but since your heart is structurally normal you’ll be fine worse thing could happen is you pass out .
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