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24 hour heart monitor results..

Been having hearts skips, jumps, flutters, thuds every single day..all day and night,  since March 6, 2017. Went to Dr. she did 3, office ekg's.  They showed a normal sinus rhythm. I tried to tell her, the skips weren't happening during those 12 second recordings. I had to beg for a 24 hour heart monitor. I wore the monitor and my heart was going crazy..I was scared to death waiting for the results. After a week the results came in and this is what it said>>>>1. The actual recording time was 23 hours and 39 minutes. During this time  

the dominant rhythm was sinus rhythm with an average heart rate of 74 beats  

per minute and ranging from 55-104 beats per minute.  

2. There are occasional PVCs unaccompanied by symptoms.  

3. There are frequent PACs sometimes accompanied by palpitations but most of  

the time not.  

4. There are three runs of SVT. This appears to be paroxysmal atrial  

tachycardia of the automatic type. The longest run is three beats in a row.  

The fastest rate is 147 beats per minute and all are unaccompanied by  


5. There are 8 episodes of palpitations reported in the diary. During these  

episodes only one reveals underlying PACs on the strip that was recorded.  

1. Sinus rhythm with frequent PACs sometimes accompanied by palpitations  

but most times not.  

2. Occasional PVCs unaccompanied by symptoms.  

3. Three short runs of PAT; the longest is 3 beats in a row and the fastest  

147 beats per minute, all unaccompanied by symptoms.  

4. Several reports of palpitations but only one of the recordings showed  

frequent PACs.  

I don't understand...aren't the pac's and pvc's palpitations? I felt every single one..I filled the activity paper out on front and back. My Dr. said, my heart was fine and it's just stress???? Seriously?  What does it mean where it says "unaccompanied by symptoms"?  I felt them. I felt e'single one! I even wrote at the bottom of the activity paper that there wasn't room for me to write all of them down when I felt them. I wrote they were constant. Can someone please explain any of this to me? two days ago while shopping all of a sudden my heart did a big thud and my heart raced..it was so fast I couldn't count my pulse. After 40 minutes it went back to normal. The same thing happened to me about 6 years ago..I went to the ER and was told it was a PSVT. ?? very scarey when that happens but my Dr. doesn't listen.. says it's all stress related. I've had pvc's and pac's for the past 30 years..not a single day has gone by without having at least 2 or 3 a day..but this time it's different. I would say 100's a day. Thanks for any help.  (woman, 60 years young)
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Have you tried magnesium supplements? I went through weeks of freaking out about new palpitations. Found advice to try 250-400 mg of magnesium 2x a day. Checked with my doc, got the okay, hardly have had a palpitation since (unless I forget to take it).
Yes, I even had my Dr. do a mag level test. Normal. Potassium was also normal. Since only about 1% of mag is in the blood, I decided to take  mag, supplements, has not help at all.
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Your physician us right.  My cardiologist told me that 3 normal sinus beats in a row would constitute a normal heart.  Out hearts respond in all different ways to outide influences.  Stress is a big factor.  Mine acts up in the warm summer weather.  Once the cool autumn temperatures arrive, the PVC's and PAC's vanish.  Also, I dislike using the word "palpations".  That term is very ambiguous and could mean a number of different things that are going on with your heart.  If your physician says you're fine, trust his judgement.
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By the way, PVC's aren't treated until they reach 20,000 to 30,000 per day.  That's a skip every couple of beats.
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