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24 hr Hoiter monitor - for palpitations

This started for me on Jan 28 sitting at work after lunch I get hit all of sudden with feeling tight and bloated around my stomach and upper back. Started throwing up but stayed at work till 5.I got home and was still feeling bad very fatigued, nauseous, and still throwing up with a burning tightness in between my upper shoulder blades. Went to bed at 5:50pm. Tuesday Jan 29 went to work still not feeling well and still throwing up. Came home from work at 5 and went to bed by 5:45 pm. Got up Wednesday still sick and throwing up. I had quite a few heart flutters Tuesday and Wednesday so I left work around 11 am and went to the Dr for throwing up and mentioned the heart flutters in passing.They did blood to check CBC and was supposed to check thryoid function but didn’t . She sent me for a 24 hr monitor. I took it back to Hospital on Friday morning. I received my results . All it says is heart rate reveals normal min average heart rate with but maximum did get up 160 beats per minutes periodically Sinus tachycardia. My question is can a high heart rate make you this make you nauseous, throw up? I also had an echo done in 2012 for a heart murmur that they found. I had three trace leaks in my mitral, tricuspid,pulmonic valves. I haven’t had a echo since then. I don’t smoke, drink and was walking 4-5 miles 6 days a week. I noticed I get nauseous walking from my desk at work to the mail box. I was just vacuuming my living the other morning and threw up. Checked my heart rate and it was 140. This morning just taking a warm shower I got sick and threw up checked my heart rate it was 138. My resting heart beat this morning before getting out of bed was 68.  I go see the cardiologist on Monday Feb 11. Just hoping for some input on what the issue could be.

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The throwing up could increase the heart rate from dehydration. Everything sounds pretty normal to me
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I saw the cardiologist yesterday. He put me on 25 mg metoprolol twice daily. I also have a event monitor for 14 days and scheduled for s nuclear stress test and echocardiogram on Feb 21.  I can tell a difference already in heart rate. I can walk from my living to the kitchen and stay within normal ranges. Where before the ny heart rate would shoot up into 130-140 ranges then I would get sick. I’m hoping this is all a nothing burger.


Ok good luck and I hope everything comes back normal for you
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