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2.5 weeks post ablation

Hi all! I had an ablation for avnrt on June 8 and doc ablated 2 areas. Following day there were no episodes. Day 2-4 few svt episodes each day w lightheadedness etc that lasted 5 seconds at most each time. Days 5-6, nothing. Day 7, couple episodes. Day 8, 1 episode which dr says was an episode of a fib (after reading event monitor report) that went into atrial tachy. Day 9 nothing. Day 10, cpl episodes. Days 11-17, pretty much just PACs w no svt. Today, day 18, 4 or 5 short runs by midafternoon. Cardio did put me on 325mg aspirin daily on June 23 due to the lone a fib episode on June 16. EP doc is on vaca and his nurse is not convinced it was a fib. Waiting to hear from EP later on this week. Question, does any of this sound weird or out of the ordinary? How long does the healing process usually take? Could this be the "jumpy" heart people talk about after ablaton? Im just hoping this is all common and not another arrythmia rearing its ugly head!
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Does it feel like your svt?  I had a crazy jumpy heart after my avnrt ablation.  I even had a week of possible afib.  I never went to get it checked.  I was having constant ectopic beats at least 15000 or more a day.  I was also getting short runs of what felt like tachycardia but it wasn't as fast as my svt was so I believe it was runs of atrial tahcycardia.  I still get them once in a while as well still get pvcs and pacs but not as bad as I did after the ablation.  It took 3 months for my heart rate to go back to normal and it took a year for the premature beat activity to start to settle down.  If you are having what feels like your svt, the same crazy manic fast episodes, then they may have not gotten all of it but unfortunately it is hard to say at this point.  Hopefully it is all just premature beat activity from an over excited heart and it will settle down with a little time and distance from the ablation.  Try to drink lots of water and avoid caffeine, sugars and carbohydrates and anything that might cause acid reflux.  Coughing when you are having a lot of the beats may help break them up.  Hope things settle down for you soon.  Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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Hello Michelle. Thanks for responding. It does feel like the SVT. I can feel a lot of the PAC's but not all of them lead into the SVT. When they do its very short lived. I really cant tell the difference between afib and the svt so its kind of driving me insane thinking about the stroke risk with that. I'm hoping my EP says otherwise. Its reassuring though that I'm not the only one. Hopefully sooner than later my heart will settle down. I've also done all those things you suggested in regards to diet as I had a bout with c-diff early last month which totally tanked my electrolytes and sent me into the SVT. It took 3 doses of adenisone and something else to break it. Almost needed the electric cardio-version. Hence, how I ended up in the EP's care. My official ablation follow up is a week away but waiting for nurse or EP to call me today about the possible afib. And the coughing does help. When I feel its going on too long (more than 5 seconds) it usually does the trick. Thank you much Michelle!
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Hi Headling,  it will be three months post AVNRT ablation for me on 11th July. I was not well for three weeks after the procedure, could not walk far and spent most of my time in bed. So now I am back to work but getting events but not sure what they are categorised as yet. I had a holter monitor for 7 days so my EP appt is on 22nd July. Not sure what's going on as I am still having episodes and my fitness plan is not where it needs to be as I have found that I get events in the night after cycling 4 miles off road mountain biking a couple of times a week. The problem is the events wake me up and I have to drive great distances for my work so I have been awake all night because of this. I found a chap called Sanjay Gupta of York Cardiology on You Tube he seems to think that taking Magnesium will help???? 48 yr old male SVT for over twenty years but diagnosed as anxiety.......
Hi Nods67. Thanks for your response. I also was misdiagnosed w anxiety, panic attacks etc. I've had palpitations and such for about 20 yrs as well but only within the past 2-3 has it turned into SVT. I'm sorry to hear you had such a tough time afterwards. I was able to return to work 5 days later. I've had more symptom free days than before so I'm hoping it's just the "jumpy heart" everyone talks about. My EP isn't convinced I had a fib but said to keep taking the aspirin until he sees me next week for my official follow up. I hope you can get back to your ideal level of activity soon.
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