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3 year update, palps or PSVT

I was diagnosed 3 years ago with PSVT 10,000 extra a day, felt a lot of them and drove me nutso. I felt it was from heavy exercise over the previous year or chemical fumes I would breathe on occasion. Dr. wanted to do an ablation, I refused and thought let my heart mend since I had no structural issues, all electrical. I put my feet up and relaxed. Many drugs I tried and currently love 5 mg of Bystolic, to me it's a wonder drug compared to all the others I tried, Calcium blockers, beta yada yada.

I won't be seeing that Ablation Dr., he was wrong, that I would be back in 4 years. My palps are non existent to me now except when I stress and drink too much coffee, you know these times, we all get them. I feel great, rest worked.

See a Dr., get the info and make good choices.

Good luck and God Bless
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Congratulations, taking charge and life style changes can be the major part of the cure if some mechanical (surgery) change isn't needed.  

I do not know what Bystolic is (a heart rhythm drug?), but if it works, it must be right.  Here I recall in fighting a night time nasal congestion condition a nose spray like Afrin works great, but don't use it more that a few nights in a row or it will do damage.  Just an example, not a tie to the drug you get good results from.

Always good to read some good-news, thanks and God Bless right back to you.
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Bystolic IS a beta blocker that also contains a vasodialator component in it.  I'm happy that is is working for you.  As a cautionary note though, Bystolic is not a drug that you can abruptly end, and here are also a number of serious side effects associated with this drug.
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