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4 skipped heart beats in a row with sputtering

I was doing some reading and read that 3 or more ectopic beats which are skipped beats are considered to be ventricular tachycardia. Is this true? Because from what I have read this can turn into ventricular fibrillation! What scares me though is i had a walk in medical clinical doctor read an ekg once that said I had a lateral infarction. However I have had that test looked at by 2 other cardiologist and they say it is a normal read out. I have also had a echocardiogram done and said it was pretty normal. I am really scared here. It happens withough warning withough any stimulants.
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3 or more PVC's in a row is non-sustained v-tach and is generally harmless. I wish I could remember but I think you have to have 30 PVC's in a row to be considered regular v-tach and that's the kind that "might" lead to v-fib. It doesn't always. Perhaps someone will come in and correct me on the time/number of PVC's. But I do know it has to be quite a few back to back.
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Well im living proof you wont necesarlily go in to v tach if you have 3 or more pvcs in a row!I go in to Vtach (way more then 3 beats in a row too) a lot during a week.Since my hearts structurally normal I guess thats why im still here today:) But pvcs arent skipped beats right?Arent they extra?Thats the way I always thought of them...but this is also coming from someone who just found out its not called ekg...hehehehhehe
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Ok sorry I meant to say you wont nec go in to V fib!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Guess im not awake yet.
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I have several episodes of nsvt a week, sometimes 2or3 a day!! My ep doc says that as long as my heart is healthy (which it is!) that I won't go into sustained v-tach or v-fib. Thats not to reassuring, I know, but I am trying to deal with this the best way I know how!! Have you had all the tests to check your heart out? (echo,stress test, mri??)
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Do any of you have a hard time living your day to day life with these heart episodes? I find I am always thinking about dying anytime! It is hard for me to focus and now I am afraid to exercise to any meaningful portions. Responding to julesluvsdrew I think many people refer to the sensation as a skipped beat but they are indeed extra beats that comes with a pause to resynchronize itself. Do any of you have chest pains from time to time? Can any of you drink coffee and alcohol? As little as three  years ago I could with no problem; now all of a sudden, NO WAY!
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Guilty I do drink coke,BUT I have stopped and seen if it made any diff out my bouts of V tach or pvcs and It didnt..believe me if it had I wouldnt be drinking any caffiene!Walking is what I miss the most,I used to walk a lot for excersise and to keep my weight good but now I cant even do that without my heart flip flopping around.I do get chest pains from time to time,but to be honest with you I always have..(since I was 19)I find when my heart is acting up I feel nautious,but I think that is because Im immediatly scared that im going to die.So to answer your question,GOD YES it affects my day to day living.Some days are better then others,but the worst is at work (i work in a hospital).You would think I would feel comforted about that lol but IM NOT.I almost feel worse about it???Dont ask me why...Like kim asked,are you being monitored and seen by a cardio?
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