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Long story short,Heart attack APRIL,2010 4 STENTS.TRIPLE BYPASS AUG.30 after stents clogged. Also performed the "maze" method for the A-FIB.Anyone had success with this procedure? Was told it could be 90 days for EP to determine  if this worked. Before bypass i was sent to ER  3 times straight from cardiac rehab as it would jump all over the place.When I get the nerve to begin rehab again after getting DRs.ok i am a little paranoid to try again.Have been on MULTAQ for about 6 wks.Meds are as follows;MULTAQ-WARFARIN-GEMFIBROZIL-SIMVASTATIN-METOPROLOL-ASPIRIN.Any advice greatly appreciated!
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Well i guess with what you are going thru i totally understand your post name......a couple of things...i have never had the maze procedure done but did have an ablation and the 90 day mark with ablations is the key note for the docs to know if it was a success or fail and once an ablation has been done symtoms may pop up randomly for up to six months while your heart settles down...we have all been thru it.....i am so hoping that you have modified your diet if the stents re filled with plaque.....you may want to read up on the Multaq would be my only advice w. the meds you are on....there have been alot of changes in the last couple of months on the dispensing of them on a daily basis long term and now docs are prescribing them more of an emergency pocket drug to take PRN or only as necessary if something pops up......i do not know how i personally feel about the maze ablations because to me there are alot more invasive and not as tried and true as a conventional ablation thru the veins in the groin area.   there are lots of pros and cons with it however sounds like your doc is right on top of everything and super proactive and i personally don't think enough time has passed for you to know if you are a fail or not...it is super common to have random episodes of atrial fib after a conventional ablation and i really don't know if that is a part of the maze after effects....because of the incisions inside and outside of your body......maybe someone else could weigh in......
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Actually stansmad is just a play on my name.In a good mood most all the time,as i feel it's a big part of healing also.Just seemed to be all a bad dream since April.No problems my entire life then POW! Appreciate your reply as i occasionally have a little depression issue at times.Looking forward to rehab down the road ,maybe will help everything.Can certainly be trying at times.THANKS AGAIN!
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I understand you completely when you said that no issues your whole life then POW!!!  It was the exact same way for me....no issues at all until almost 4 years ago....none at all and then it all hit me at once...i guess its not for us to know the answer now....keep the hope and faith Stan(?) sometimes things have to get a little rough on us to know how good we really do have it or that we are supposed to make lifestyle changes     :)
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