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I have had A Fib since 1984 and have been on medication for this.  I have had some stroke like symptoms, so my doctor did a heat cath and told me I have a weakned heart and while I was on the heart monitor for 24 hours there were some PVC's.  I do not know the difference or if they are the same or how it is treated.  I have a follow up appt with my doctor, but worry I may have to have surgery.
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Obviously the doctor will prescribe, but I can offer the following information about AFib verses (if that's the correct relationship) PVC.  While AFib causes "extra", indeed maybe "premature" VC, AFib has the additional risk of clot (stroke) formation due the the fibrillation of the Atrium.

In general the medication for AFib is rate control (keep the ventricle rate below 100 at rest) and clot mitigation.  Beta blockers are common and to a lesser extent in my experience calcium channel blockers for rate control, and aspirin and/or warfarin (coumadin) for clot prevention (reduction).

The rate control meds are also used for reduce benign PVC..here I add the word "benign" in that PVC are often (from my reading, not presented as a medical fact) are often not dangerous, AFib is.     There are stronger medication and invasive procedures to reduce both conditions but are used on a risk/benefit decision.  In my case, permanent AFib, my symptoms are mostly unnoticed and I respond well to "blood thinner" medication too (warfarin).  

You didn't say AFib affects your life.  If asymptomatic, than I'd guess you doctor could use medications only.  Age is also a fact on treatment decisions.  

There is also much descriptive information on AFib and PVC on this site and on the web.  
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For those looking for more help with good definitions/explanations, go to the bottom of this page/site to "health pages"... if you click on "see all health pages" you'll get a listing of all subjects.

See: http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=78
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