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Hi Everyone,

So - constant PVCs/PACs since having my daughter 14 years ago. Every test in the book done - always normal. Cardiac MRI, ECGs, Holters, Stress tests, blood work...
I do have Hashimotos and Hypothyroidism which seems to be controlled.

My EP wants to do an EP study with Ablation next week, but I am TERRIFIED, and really not sold on the procedure.

I am having approximately 20,000 PVCs/day, and I feel that they are getting way more symptomatic.

Questions - do any of you have PVCs that have changed, quality wise, where they make you feel faint?
My cardiac MRI was done without contrast, and came back normal and no evidence of ARVD. Does it matter that it was done without contrast? They did not order contrast for whatever reason...

Have any of you lived for years and years without getting the ablation done? I am not that cool with it, I am 35 female, healthy (except for this crap_.

Any insight would be amazing. Thank you!
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If you would like to get a female perspective on the electrophysiology procedure, click this link, view the posts of Jannie411.  They are very clearly titled.
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