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My brother is 47 and had afib twice. Once they chemically cardioverted him and the second time they used a shock.

His doctor is diagnosing it as thyrotoxicosis.

His is Free t3 was 3.8 (ref 2.0-3.5) and now went up to 4.1. His Free t4 was 1.1 (ref 0.9-1.7)

Does anyone have experience with this? Does a slightly elevated t3 = thyrotoxicosis

He is on androgel, and opiates for Chronic pain.

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The thyrotoxiosis could be the underlying cause of his AF so that needs to be treated first before doing any anti-arrhythmic drugs.  He should ask the doctor about getting anti-coagulation meds to reduce stroke risk just in case thyroid therapy doesn't do the job.  Taking care of the hyperthyroidism issue will probably take care of his problem.  Multaq is better than amiodarone in terms of shorter half-life but it is still pretty bad in terms of side effects.
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