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APV, VPV and likely SVT

5-6 years ago i began having runs of skipped beats.  Usually after running/biking and/or with extreme anxiety.  I had a 48hr holter done and was told it was normal APVs and VPVs and not to worry about them.  Over the next 5 or so years i pretty much forgot about them.  When these started 5-6 years ago, i was under a lot of stress and also was having a significant asthma flare.  Note that even when my asthma is bad, i limit my use of the rescue inhaler.

Fast forward to a few months ago.  Another asthma flare (have been off allergy shots for 2 years), got pretty sick for a day after the COVID vaccine, and was under significant stress.  The skipped beats came back — same as before.  When bad it would be long runs of 4-5 normal/fast beats and then a skipped beat and go on for quite some time (30 min or so).  Also started waking up in a panic in the middle of the night with a fast heartbeat, sometimes regular, sometimes in a similar normal/fast pattern with a skipped beat every few. During one of these episodes after a stressful day and some heavy yard work in the heat, i ran some EKGs on the Apple Watch.  Most indicated sinus rhythm even with my skipped beats, however as i got more worked up and my heart rate increased, this time to about 150/160, the watch indicated that it could be AFIB.

I got rather panicked and went to the walk in the next day.  The did an EKG (normal) and ordered a 14 day event monitor.  I just got the event monitor results back but now have to wait a couple of months for a cardio consult.  The monitor noted isolated APBs, isolated VPBs and one episode of likely SVT.

Through the past month and half my heart rate has definitely been higher than normal and seems to spike when doing routine walking and exercising, much higher than it used to.  I have informed my pcp, but this has been attributed to heightened anxiety (which has been really bad throughout this ordeal).  My anxiety over this is so bad, i just stopped wearing the Apple Watch.

Wondering if anyone has encountered anything similar and if the episode of likely SVT is something to worry about.  While wearing the monitor i definitely had numerous episodes of a racing heart.  One other finding noted was sinus arrhythmia which i was also told was normal.

Really frustrating that i have to wait so long for a cardio consult.  

Thanks for the help!

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I had an SVT about 2 weeks ago almost passed out and was rushed to the ER by ambulance as they weren't sure if I was also having a heart attack.  I'm 41 years old and just recently lost 70lbs through diet and exercise. I am now on a 30 day event monitor.  I have a history of PVCs that started 3 to 4 years ago but have been told they are benign. I to suffer from anxiety and have so since my early 20's. I'd say a lot has to do with the anxiety and I have found that when I am less stressed and anxious about life I don't have as many events.  Anxiety sucks and it can ruin your life, but what helps me is to turn it over to God. I still suffer from it but with the Lords guidance I am slowly breaking free, I have never been one to be on anxiety meds. Mostly because they can also effect heart rhythm and cause fatal arrhythmia's with prolonged QT intervals. The thing to remember is SVTs are scary but they are not dangerous, good luck and hope it helps you knowing you aren't the only one dealing with issues like this, it helps me talking to others going through what I am.

On another note my wife (in the medical field) had the first Moderna vaccine shot. Has had similar side effects with fast heart rate and skip beats. She never had any issues like this until she took the vaccine. That could be another thing to look onto as to what is causing a return of your symptoms.
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