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AV Dissociation with EF 30% - Treatment options?

Two months back, I experienced two episodes of palpitations (heart beat of around 170 / min) in three days span and my ECG was abnormal.

Echo findings were as below:
EF - 30%
GLPSS - -8%
Severe LV systolic dysfunction
Suspected of Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Blood test results
BNP - 388 (Aug 1, 2017); 625 (Sep 4, 2017)
Hb - 14.1
Carotid Doppler was normal.

After examining the ECG reports, my cardiologist suspected that the arrythmias could be the contributing factor to my poor ventricular function. Two days back had 24 hrs holter monitor and the conclusion was "AV dissociation" with aberration.

The questions in my mind are:
What is AV dissociation? Is it a type of arrythmia? It is SVT or VT?
Is the cardiomyopathy causing AV dissociation or vice-versa?
Can the AV dissociation be reversed? If so, what are the options?

Please can you clarify my doubts.

Thanks in advance
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