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Ablating for atrial flutter/taking flecainide

I have had 3 episodes of Afib/flutter that have landed me in the hospital in the last 14 months.  All 3 of these episodes have started as flutter and deteriorated into flipping in and out of afib.  I am now allergic to cardizem, and it's difficult to control my ventricular rate now when these episodes occur.  Beta blockers don't seem do much but drop my blood pressure.  Episode last week my blood pressure tanked and I ended up in ICU.   So...I'm down to pretty much 2 choices, take flecainide which scares the heck out of me, and I have read it doesn't do much for the flutter, or ablation.  I talked to the EPs PA when I was in the hospital and she was telling me how easy the flutter and the SVT (which I also have) are to ablate and the higher risk and complications come with the afib.  I asked her if we could just ablate the a flutter and svt and see what happens with afib and she thought that might work, but EP said he wanted to do all 3.  I don't.  So I guess my question here is 2 fold...has anybody here ablated flutter when they also have had occasional afib?  What happened if you did?  I really think I am going to make an appt with EP and me more assertive with this.  When I talked to him in the hospital I was too tired and just wanted to go home.  Also, what has been some experiences with flecainide..am I being too neurotic about taking it?
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You have to do both and it would not be a big deal at an experienced center.  SVT and flutter are on the right side and the catheter has to go through the right side anyway to access the left side for ablating the AF.  Come over the LAF forum as there are lots of people there who have went through what you are going through now.  Sooner the better as the risk for continuing in AF or ineffective meds is higher than complications from ablation.  Much higher if you can get it done at a high volume center.  I don't understand why women seem to end up with the short end of the stick when it comes to AF treatment.  Your doctor and you are not doing yourself any favors.
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