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Ablation for SVT (Wolff-Parkinson-White)....I'm on board!

I visited my EP today, Dr. Lawrence Rosenthal of UMass, and we're going to have an EP study with probable ablation performed.  Dr. Rosenthal says that I have the classic markers of Wolffon-Parkinson-White and that I should have come to him years ago.  I'm waiting for a date, but it should be within the 4 weeks.  Despite my apprehension, I'm ready to rock and roll!  I'll let the group know how it goes.....Tom H.
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Keep up the positive mental attitude!

I understand ablation is very effective against WPW, not 100% but very good odds most of the time.  I am not personally experienced in this matter, but that is what I recall reading, and I am sure you have read up on the subject yourself

We are all "pulling" for you.
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Hiya Tom,
How was the ablation? I'm due to have mine done next thursday.....
Hanna :)
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Hi Hanna,
It went fine, and I was resting at home 12 hours later.  Today I'm SVT free, and recently the PVC's went away as well.  I'm doing great!  Check my journals under my profile for more details on my procedure.

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