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Ablation in Atlanta Ga

I'm closing in on making a decision about have an ablation for svt.  I want the best EP in the Atlanta area.  Any thoughts?  
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I'll be the first to offer...Dr. Natale i think is based out of Texas somewhere and was the original developer of the ablation and trains top dog docs all  over the world in the procedure i understand.....there;s my two cents......
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I live in Atlanta and had an extremely successful PVI ablation for afib and aflutter almost a year ago. Not the same as what you are experiencing, but from what I understand the procedure for what you have is not as complicated.

I highly recommend Dr. David DeLurgio at the Emory Clinic. I saw him for about 2 years before I got up the nerve to have the ablation. He and the other EPs in his office (espcially Dr. Leon) are extremely qualified. There are also some excellent EPs at Piedmont Hospital but I trusted Dr. DeLurgio, his staff, and he had tons of experience.

I see no reason to leave the Atlanta area for an ablation when we have some of the best EPs right here in our back yard. Good luck to you!
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