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Ablation today

Hi everyone,
I had a pvc ablation done today and my EP is very happy, he said it was a success, no pvcs showing up now at all. They were coming from my left ventricle. He says there is a less than 5% chance they will return but those are pretty good odds so hoping im cured. The procedure was not as bad as i thought. Glad its over.
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Nice to hear.  The most likely trigger is the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT) underneath the aortic valve.   Best wishes to you and Dr Olson that results hold up.
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Thank you! I appreciate your good wishes. Hoping now my heart starts healing and my EF will return to normal. I have a follow up appointment Feb 1st so i can ask more questions then. I believe i will be goibg for echos every few months.
What was your pvc burden and Ef prior to the procedure if you dont mind me asking?
P.s. In terms of healing I think you'll be impressed. In the absence of additional underlying diseases you're looking at an immediate return of about 5% - 10% of your EF that same day! By 2 weeks the majority of the healing, in terms of EF and access sites should be done already!

6 months altogether but for sure by 2 weeks you should be feeling better then you have in a while!
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Hi there,
My EF was at 46% prior to the procedure. I was having 21,000 pvcs a day which translated to 24% of my heartbeats in a 24 hour period. I was pretty surprised when i was first told this because i did not feel them and was asymptomatic. They were caught on a routine echocardiogram that i had to assess my mitral valve, which is perfect ( long story but  previous cardiologist diagnosed me with mild MVP which my current dr says i do not have)....im really happy to hear thst the healing should commence fairy soon. I had read up alot on pvc inducdd cardiomyopathy and it seems to be if thd pvcs are eliminated, the heart can heal itself. Did you have the same thing happen to you? Ill be honest, this whole thing came as quite a shock to me as im a very healthy, active 50 year old and had no symptoms.
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Glad to hear!
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