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Acebutolol anyone?

I have been having a very irregular pulse rate that jumps 30 pts if I just stand up or even shift positions. I have been taking 50mg of Atenolol for nearly 7 years. My EP decided to switch me to 200mg of Acebutolo and 50mg of Aldactone (I also have high blood pressure) l. Has anyone taken this medication and, if so, did it seem to work well? I have also been having trouble with runs of beats. Does it work well for these? Thanks and Have a great weekend everyone!
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Just thought I would add to the post that I started the Acebutolol and it has not done anything to help lower my pulse. My pulse has gone up...ugh.
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My only theory, which you may mention to your doctor, is if your blood pressure is beginning to get on the low side. What you mention can often be symptoms of low blood pressure. You are taking both a beta blocker and a diuretic.

Do NOT change this by yourself, but it may be a good idea to ask for a 24 hour BP measuring, so your doctor may compare the high heart rate with your blood pressure. A 24 hour monitor also removes the "white coat" effect which sometimes may mask a low blood pressure or falsely diagnose you with high blood pressure.

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Thank you. I will definitely ask about the bp monitor. Great suggestion!
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