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Acute groin pain after ablations?

My brother has had two heart ablations and he is suffering from severe pain in his groin. Is this a common problem and what does this acute and very sharp pain indicate? He had this problem prior to his second procedure and it is much worse since his last procedure last week. Any ideas on how to treat??
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The best answer will come from your doctor since he knows your brother's medical history.
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Some groin pain is common, but acute groin is not.  As a male, when I think "groin pain", I think "family jewels".  The pain following my ablation, was actually at thebtop of my leg where it joins my torso.  It wad tender, and I limped around for a few weeks.  I understand, there is a nerve bundle that passes in the area of the puncture site where the catheters are inserted.  If that nerve is disturbed, the results can be quite painful.

I can't recommend treatment, but I can tell you from experience that acute pain is not normal.  He needs to see his doctor.
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Hey there, after my ablation, my groin was very sore. I had a hard time controlling the pain even with a high dose pain killer. It all varies with different people. I had very tough skin the specialist said when he made the insertion, and I can recall that being the worst part of the whole procedure. I remember having sharp pains for a few months after. Its fine now, but you should go see your doc just to make sure. Hope all is good
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After one of my ablations I did have some sharp pain in just my right groin. It went down my thigh and it hurt to sit/bend at the hip. I spent a lot of time standing or sitting with my right leg extended way out in front of me. That went on for a few weeks but eventually cleared up. I think it was just a bruised nerve. Miserable but not unbearable.

If the pain is that severe for him, especially if there's any swelling or redness or hot spot, he should definitely check back in with his doctor. If it's a bruised nerve, then it's wait until it settles down on its own.
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