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Advice on Bisoprolol 1.25mg

Can anyone help with advice on Bisoprolol.  My Father has been taking this for just over 12 months due to a heart attack & having 2 stents.  He was started on in Nov 2010 but since June 2011 has been having problems coldness & numbness in his fingers & toes which is now getting to the extent he can hardly feel them.  He has been under a doctor at the hospital ?vascular, who has carried out numerous tests ie. CT scan, nerve ending test, to name a few & all are clear.  We are convinced it is due to the Bisoprolol.  His GP tried him on Isosorbide Mononitrate 10mg but this had to be stopped as caused him to pass out.
Can anyone help or offer advice.
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Sorry you haven't gotten and directly related information.

For my part all I know about Bisoprolol is it is a Beta Blocker.  I assume a selective BB.  1.25 mg sounds like a very low dose, again I do not know the specific medication, generics like Metoprolol are usually not taken (in my experience) at a dose level lower than 12.5 mg.  Maybe that is the does level you father is on.  I take 50 mg of Metoprolol myself.

The side effects you mention are not in my mind related to BB... but I am just going from personal experience and (poor) memory.  His doctor(s) appear from what you have posted to think the numbness isn't related to the BB.  You have to work with them on getting to the answer.  Maybe they will be willing to try an alternative to BB, say a Calcium Channel Blocker to see if that will control his blood pressure problems and give relief from the numbness.  It remains my "guess" that the BB is not to blame.
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