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Afib or PVCs ?

Hello everyone , Only two weeks left until my PVCs ablation and  I am starting to feel this extremely weird sensation in my chest !! what I feel like is if  I was getting an electric shock in the middle of my chest , and it only happens before I take my medication Rythmol 150 mg !
I have never been diagnosed with AF  but I have always been scared that someday my PVCs would cause me to go into a more serious life threatning arrhythmia  .
Could this be the side effect of Propafenone  ? or could  I be just more sensitive to PVCs while being on Rythmol  ? cuz it puts me back into normal rhythm for hours . please something talk to me .
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If you can't detect an irregular heart beat... ongoing for more than a minute or two, I'd say you do not have AFIb.  By the way, treated, AFib is not life threatening.  Any heart aliment increases the risk of more serious heart problems, but most are not in themselves life threatening.

Is you resting HR higher than before the "weird" feeling"?  On affect of AFib is an increase in the average heart rate measured of a minute or two, longer if you like counting.
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