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Afib Ablations -- What's your story?

I am going to be evaluated for a FIRM ablation (possibly with PVI) in mid July.  When I looked for a thread all I found were experiences going back ten years.  Has anyone had an afib ablation more recently and how did it go?  I can use all the input I can get.  This is not a decision I'm making lightly and I am gathering information before I make my final decision.  I'd appreciate anything you can tell me about the procedure.  Thanks.  
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Had my ablation a year ago now.  I have paroxysmal AFib.   This was not successful, failing after just a couple of months so I am now on anti-coagulation and arrhythmia medication (Flecainide).  I have just had four good months without incident, but have now again started the pre-testing for a second catheter ablation later in the year.

Ablation does you no lasting harm and has every hope of effecting a cure.  Sometimes it takes more than one attempt and I shall undergo whatever is on offer, even to third or even fourth time if offered.  Go for it, you have nothing to lose...
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Thanks, I appreciate your input.  Right now I am in persistent afib, meaning it won't convert on its own.  I am on Norpace CR, 150 mg. twice a day.  The medication has a lot of side effects.  I am not wanting to go thru several medications, I had a really hard time when I tried Rythmol, went off of it and ended up having to be electro converted again.  I think I'm to the point of wanting to make a change and am afraid I may lose the opportunity if my afib continues to worsen.
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In taking togetherness to the extreme, both my husband and myself have AFib!  His is permanent, over three years now and mine is paroxysmal.  I have lots of symptoms with an episode, he has none at all.. He has had a cardioversion which only lasted a couple of months, and I have had one ablation so far which has not cured the condition and have another being done in August, remembering that each ablation carries a higher success rate as the problem area(s) are narrowed down.  He is 78 years old but still wants the chance which ablation will give him of coming off the meds and getting a better blood supply.  I am willing for further ablations and he is willing to undergo the same if allowed.  During the pre-tests, they discovered a narrowed artery in his heart and he has just had a stent fitted.  I am so glad they discovered this before the heart attack!  He will press on now for the ablation also.

So I have nothing but encouragement for you to to ahead with the procedure which may well be the end of your problems, or at least narrow them down if further treatment is required and it is considered safe for you. A failed ablation is not the end of that road and maybe just a beginning, but is always worth undergoing for the chance of a cure.

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I so appreciate your sharing this information.  I hope you and your husband are able to get rid of this terrible disease.  My husband is also 78 and has a few medical issues, but nothing too debilitating yet.  I just had a Holter monitor because I'm having new symptoms and, of course, the symptoms don't want to show up when you can record them!  I did get one big series of irregular beats and some dizziness, so I noted that.  I just want to feel better and stay out of the hospital.  They don't seem like such lofty goals.  I retired 2 years ago and have yet to be able to travel or do many things I want to do.   I do appreciate your upbeat attitude and encouragement.
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My husband Dale has had 3 ablations since 2010. 1 success May 2012, but only 7 weeks. Dr Natale is internationally known as best at this & Dale doesn't want another because the procedure seems to affect his emotional stability. But I've met folks from all over the world (2 months in ICU waiting room) who've had good results after more than 6 attempts, so don't give up if your 1st doesn't stick! Since he got PM last month, AFib is still there but at bottom of problem list now--- those single digit BPs and HRs are history for now and every day is more active. He should've been dead 10 years before we met, and each minute is a miracle for us both. Have a great July 4, and you're in my most healing thoughts.....
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Is Dr. Natale at Cleveland Clinic?  I am glad your husband is improving -- it sounds like he's had a bad time of it.  I hope improvement continues and thank you for your encouragement and good thoughts.
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