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After wollf Parkinson White Ablation

I'm 15 year old boy I had wollf Parkinson White syndrome and had a ablation 6 months ago which was succeful but now I'm having fast hard heartbeat and little skipped beats not a lot but my fast hard beats happen and I get breathless and sometimes lightheaded can this weaken my heart or lead to heart failure?

What is the outlook for wpw can my heart wekean in the future. or will there be any promblems in the future

And most importantly this week my friend in school slapped my chest fast and Hard and I felt weird inside felt like little breathless not really that I can't explain but weird inside for only 1 minuets I want to know can this affect my heart or did it interfere with my heart (if you know if you are a doctor) can that fast and hard slap travel from my chest and rib then inside heart and interfere with it and cause problems with my heart I need advice if you are a doctor or not both can this happen as I explained

Thank you so much for taking time to read this
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Your heart followingthe ablation may take many monthand I recover from the procedure.  Assuming the ablation was successful, the skips, and little runs of SVT are normal.  I read an article written by a physician that perhaps the heart muscle is imprinted with its circuit, and attempts to restore it's former electrical path following the ablation.
Then again, your ablation could have a problem. It could be that the path was not completely severed that a small thread of conductive tissue was missed.  Only time will determine if your ablation worked or not.
Heart failure is not likely.  I had 54 years of SVT and at 67 today, I'm in good shape.  I am however more prone to another arrhythmia call atrial fibrillation, or a-fib.  7 years after my ablation, I've been feeling something every now and then that's too slow for SVT and much lighter feeling.  I suspect it's intermittent a-fib.  I'll keep an eye on it.
Sharp blows to the chest have been know to cause cardiac arrest in people both young and old.  You should be careful putting yourself in situations like that until you've been fully checked out by the physician.
Your so fortunate that you live in an era where the technology exists to fix arrhythmias like WPW and others.  I lived almost my life having anywhere from 1 to 5 episodes of SVT per month.  I didnt bother getting it looked at earlier because it was just a part if my life.  Hundreds... thousands of SVT episodes until my cardiologist suggested that I get it taken care of, which i did.  Good luck, and enjoy your life free of SVT.
Thank you for your brilliant reply
As you mentioned I exactly had svt like you now and then and little skipped beat but my skipped beat happened for 4 and then 2 years later I had different symptoms of wpw and 6 months later after wpw ablation now I still get svt now and then and little skipped beats it happens but I somehow mange to live with it with fear that I'm going to get heart failure everyday because of this ongoing symptom and the person who slapped my chest fast and hard I'm scared more that that might have interfered with my heart and cause damage and lead heart failure but can a slap do this but it was hard and fast

But didn't you have svt for 54 years and skipped beats which is a very long time and you never had heart failure but stay strong never let this bother you :)
Yes as you said when the part is ablated it takes time
The electrical impulses are getting used to the old ones  and manage it .
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Yes brilliant as you said 7 years after your ablation you feel something much lighter that happens to me aswell it comes on suddenly a strange feeling that might now be Intermittem a-fib because I thought of the same thing as you that can this light feeling be Intermittem Afib I researched but I found out that they can be ectopic a or pvc but as you are old it can be intermitten afib so keep a eye on that but if you have no family history of this it is loan Afib which is nothing to worry about as if you have a structural normal heart. But as I said I thought the same exact thing as you for 3 months intermittent afib because of the symptoms but as you had a ablation and me we both experience the same thing and think of the same think:) maybe of the recovery but your one has been 7 years so do not really worry but keep an eye on it if it bothers you and get sores over time check it out but as you said I live in a society were there good technology and treatment in London so take care if yourself research about pvc and ectopic make sure!! If you want to talk more reply back!
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Agreed with everything said.. It takes a long time and a high burden of svt to cause "Tachycardia Mediated Cardiomyopathy" aka electric related heart failure.

Basicallu if you went in to stable svt 24 hours a day for 3 - 6 months you might have a problem.. Being in Svt for 10 - 20 minutes per day for 20-30 years.. No bueno.

The average case of paroxysmal svt just wont do it.

In fact I havent seen a tachycardia mediated cardiomyopathy secondary to SVT yet...

It is almost always due to a fib or a flutter with a rapid ventricular response... Every so often an absurdly high pvc burden will present. Never once has SVT been the culprit.. At least fron my experience.
Also of note:

TCM has a good prognosis.. The best of any type of heart failure in fact..

80% recovery in 6 months after the rhythm is treated.
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