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Well would you believe it, I just came home form hospital AGAIN!!!!  Yesterday I went to the surgeon about the abscess on my bum (I prefer lower back, but realistically speaking I suppose it is my bum), he said I had to be admitted into hospital immediately to have the abscess opened up and drained.  I got the abscess from an intra-muscular injection while I was in hospital.  Being back in hospital was no joke, I felt a bit hysterical, but luckily I was in theatre before I knew it.  The anesthetist was horrified about my medical history and I thought he was going to make a run for it, but luckily he was brave and the whole thing went ahead.  The actual surgery took about an hour.  The abscess was massive, about three inches from the center to each side and at least two inches deep.  They have sent they yukky stuff away to be cultured and they put me on some toxic IV antibiotic.  Thankfully everything went well.  Had an asthma attack today, but managed to resolve it with the nurse help.  Gross when the surgeon came to change the dressing I almost passed out.  He took the plaster off – that alone was torture, but I never uttered a sound, then he said he was “just going to pull the gauze plug out”  OMG, I have never been so close to fainting as I was when he started to tug at the “plug”.  Turns out it was a long gauze thing – my husband said it was more than half a meter long – and it just kept on coming.  Ugh it was disgusting.  At last it was out and I must say the pain was instantly better.  My poor husband was an odd shade of green but he did not let go of my hand even once.  He even took a photo on my cell phone so I could see how hit looked.  Yuk, it was gross.  Anyway, the doc said he’d keep me in a few hours to see if it stated to bleed and if all was well by 2pm I could go home.  At 2pm he came back and said I could go as there was no bleeding at all – hooray!  

Packed up, and came home and would you believe it, within two hours the stupid thing was pouring with blood.  Phoned the nurse who had been looking after me and she told me to clean it and re-dress it and put a pressure bandage on it.  So far so good, it’s not bleeding.  We are keeping an eye on it but it seems ok.  I’m going to bed now so I hope I don’t wake up in a pool of blood on the morning.  My PI/INR shows that my blood is rather thick but the doc wants me to keep it like that for a day or two.  I’m not wild about that, but I also don’t want to end up back in the hospital.  If I do, I suspect my mind will shatter into a million little pieces and nothing will ever put me back together again.’

The one good thing about hospital is that they gave me morphine injections for the arthritis thing and not pills, the injections work so much faster and make me feel so much better.  He said I could pop in tomorrow for another one which is great, so I’ll be going for that first thing tomorrow.

Truly if one more thing goes wrong with me I’m gong to go insane.  I don’t think I’m strong enough to gave anything else go wrong for me.  I just doubt I’ll be able to manage one single other bad thing.  Any way, tomorrow I’m going to buy new school things for my little boy, new shoes, new bag, stuff like that.  At least that is something I can be part of. Even if I can’t work walk around much, I know exactly which shops I need to go to so I can get it done quickly and easily – hope my credit card doesn’t explode!!!

That’s it from me everyone.

Except Ireneo – what’s the deal?  I don’t’ think you should ignore your chest pains anymore, they are worrying me, so I can only imagine how you and your husband feel – oh wait, I bet you have not told your husband either.  Seriously though, I think its time you came clean with your doctor on this one, it doesn’t sound right to me.

Right so I’m off to bed now, best wishes to all of you.
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Hi, was wondering about you, but now I know!! Cant believe all  that, you are certainly having a run of bad luck, I am so sorry. It sounds horrific, I was feeling sick at the thought of it, you are so brave!! Dont think I could go through all that you hve gone through but I suppose its suprising what we can do when we have to.
It will be good for you to go shopping for your little boy tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it, it will help you forget all the problems for a little while.To hell with the credit card, buy yourself something nice!!
I hope the absess doesnt cause any more problems, keep in touch, hugs and kisses. xx
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I can picture the wound and the packing. I've had to do the same thing to a beaver with multiple deep wounds. Talk about stinky! But I had to flush the wounds every day and repack them. That's the only way for it to granulate in and heal. Hope the antibiotics do the trick for you. Some infections are resistant and take a long time to clear up. Is it uncomfortable for you to sit or lie down? Keep an eye on it.I know you don't want to end up in the hospital again but the alternative is not so great either.

Thanks for your concern. The chest pains aren't so bad. Yes, my hubby knows. Yes, the doctor knows. That's part of the reason I'm going through all these stupid tests. It's probably some simple vessel spasms. Women tend to have small vessels and a spasm will cause some pain. Now that I'm retired, kind of, I can sit back and relax. No more tension. Well, except that I'm tense with all this free empty time on my hands. Ack! I need to stay busy. I'll figure it out.
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You've coped really well with a horrible experience - removal of an abcess off your bum is a much bigger deal than it sounds. I have a friend who's had a few done over the years. I hope all goes well with your recovery.
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Gosh it just keeps comin for you doesn't it! MAN! Yeah I've done some wound care on similar wounds. It's amazing how much gauze you can fit up in there!

Gosh I hope you get to feeling better soon.
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I still think about you.  Everything will work out.  Get Well!
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You are very brave.  I hope you get better soon.  Take care.
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Hope your recovery is fast. Bless your heart how much more is going to plague you? I hope and pray for your fast recovery!!!
My thoughts are with you!! Big bear hugs from Tennessee
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omg you poor thing!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOO SORRY!!!!! may god give you strength hon!!!!!! heal fast and rest!!!
i hope you have a fun time shopping for son!!!!
best wishes!!!
everytime i read a good ablation story and feel a bit upset for myself you straighten me right out.........hang in there hon, you have a wonderful supportive family!!!
big big hugs
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