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Allergies and Heart Palpitations

Does anyone know if allergies can cause an irregular heart beat?  I have been having an irregular heart beat for several months.  It usually happens in the evening after dinner.  Many nights I go to bed with a heart beat that keeps me awake.  When I wake up it has stopped and I feel fine.  I have been to the doctor and had an ekg and an electrocardiogram and everything looks normal.  I have noticed in the past if I am exposed to a strong perfume or strong candle my heart will pound.
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you can have a normal ekg and echo and still have an arrythmia problem you need to ask for a 30 event monitor and go from there its like having a 24 hour ekg and when you experience an episode it sends the even to your doc instantly!!!! good luck
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It's frustrating talking to my doctor about it because they act like it's no big deal.  I have always been very aware of my heartbeat but this is very different.  I do know that the day they did the echo I was having a pretty good day.  They did see my heart skip a beat which is exactly what it feels like when it's really bad but what they saw was mild.  Do you know if allergies can cause this?  I have been having other symptoms that make me wonder about allergies, like my ears ringing.
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It doesn't have to necessarily be an allergy issue.  Chemicals (In perfumes and such) can aggravate a pre-existing condition like PSVT, murmurs, whatever.  
TOTALLY AGREE. There are 1000's of toxic chemical ingredients used  in fragrances that can cause nerve damage, atrial fibrilation, anxiety, depression, asthma etc etc You don't need to have a preexisting condition to suffer physical harm.
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I have been on this exact road with you. I had a really bad one a few nights ago. I was surprised to survive the night. It isn't related to panic as most of the time that's not relevant. I've done the recording device and it has caught minor irregularities. I know it isn't reflux because I feel it in my neck and head. Benedryl and aspirin help. Chocolate seems to set it off. I also am sick of doctors. It is associated with low blood pressure. Hormones may influence, and RA attacks may also be connected. All the best to both of us and anyone else out there barely making it through the night.
Yep. Same thing for me. Chocolate and caffeine bring it on. Low blood pressure readings too.
Yep. Same thing for me. Chocolate and caffeine bring it on. Low blood pressure readings too.
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I googled in hope of finding any information on heart polputation and allergies that I have found this. I hope this message will reach to you all fine.

I have been having the same problems past 2 years. it happens around the spring time. Doctors said the same things what you heard. Now, I suspect that it may be related to seasonal allergies. This year my heart polputations are different than last year's. I have vertigo episodes as well. I take meclizine; it helps a little, makes me sleepy though. Also, water accumulates behind my ear causes dizziness. When these two combined, the episodes are unbearable. It always happens when I go to sleep during the early shallow duration. I wake .up with heart pulputation with numness on my arms,  but my breathing is normal. The numness sensation is start from tip of my fingers and gradually walks up to arms. Last night some how sleeping with 2 pillows helped. Allergies may cause the low blood pressure then this may elivate the heart polputation, dizziness, and the numbness.

One doc said that you don't develop allergies if you didn't have when you are little.One other doc. looked at my nouse and said I have allergies. I don't know who to beleive. I am affrait to go to sleep.
The doc who said that was plain wrong. I’m quite old & only developed allergies a few years ago. Before that, nothing!
I don't know if this helps but when I had a bad palpitation a while back I was afraid to go to sleep also.  I decided to go sleep in the recliner.  That way I could turn on an old tv show low in the background and sitting up some made me less afraid of not waking up.  Maybe that would work for you.
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I deleted the double post.  If I made a mistake and it was not a duplicate please let me know so I can correct.  It was the 6th post in this series.

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