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Allergies and PVC's?

I have noticed recently a seemingly strong correlation between days when I have lots and lots of skipped beats (PVC's, bigeminy, flutters, etc.) and a high pollen count outdoors. I always have worse heart symptoms in the spring and fall, and I just recently noticed that the days that my husband complained most about his allergies were also the days that my heart seemed to be acting worse. Has anyone else here noticed that connection too? I don't get the typical watery eyes, etc that you would expect from an allergy. But it does seem strange that my symptoms seem to be worse on high pollen days.
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I've had more lately too, so there could be a connection to allergies.  I just joined medhelp, but read a while back about your stretching and pvc's.  I get the SAME exact thing every morning.  Did you ever find a way to get rid of them?  I went to my doctor about the problem and about the constant fluttering/heart palps.  Just wore a 7 day event monitor and still waiting for results.  

This whole heart thing is making me crazy and causing so much anxiety.  The stretching thing happens to me during the night too.  Sometimes rolling over in bed can cause fluttering in my throat.  :(
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I am still having the stretching flutters and haven't yet found a way to get rid of them. Let me know what you find out on your 7 day monitor. I'm curious to know what they tell you. I also get them when rolling over in bed, just like you! And just recently, sitting up in bed makes my heartrate spike from about 50 to over 100 in about 2 seconds. It is really unsettling.
Hope you feel better soon!
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I hope to get results of the event monitor in the next week or so.  It's been almost two weeks since I took it off.  I have the same problem sitting up in bed with my heart rate. :(   I recorded this on the event monitor, so I am very anxious to get results.  I will let you know as soon as I find out.   I can totally relate to how frustrating it is!  Last year, I was getting the flutters getting out of bed. The doctor ordered a 7 day event monitor and as soon as I put it on, all the symptoms went away.  They slowly came back, so hubby raised the head of the bed and I tried to get out of bed slower and that helped.  Now it's all back and it's full blown cause I get them just rolling over.  I recorded a lot of "events" this time, so we'll see what happens.

I hope you feel better soon too!  
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I get mine when I sit slouched in a chair, eat or drink water. Also, when I lay down after water, I have a hard time sleeping afterwards as it scares me. Some of this is due to a hiatal hernia. My allergies are food related, and yes, at times, when I eat an offending food, they will kick in. It stinks.
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Just got back from cardiologist.  Event monitor showed lots of sinus tachycardia but that's it.  Based on my symptoms and the tachycardia on monitor, I was diagnosed with POTS.  I can feel my pulse in my throat almost every time I stand up, and it also wakes me up in bed. Doctor says this is POTS symptom.

How are you doing?  
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I have often wondered if what I have is POTS. I have so many of the symptoms. But I have some days with no symptoms, just PVC's, and then I have days like yesterday when every time I stand up or move my heart races. How do they treat POTS? Is it just something you have to cope with, or is there something they can do to control it?
Thanks for letting me know how your tests went. I wore a Holter last Tuesday (and of course had very few symptoms that day) and I see my doctor next Tuesday for a stress test and to discuss the test results. I will mention POTS to him and see what he thinks.
Take care!
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There are many days that my symptoms are barely there either.  Then other days, I have it constantly too!  Doc does not recommend meds unless absolutely needed because they only mask symptoms and do not treat underlying condition.  The treatment is exercise...swimming is best and also riding a stationary bicycle that tilts back.  Those exercises are best because most people with POTS have exercise intolerance.  You mentioned that you are going for stress test.  Do you have difficulty with exercise?  My muscles feel extremely weak.  Again, some days are worse than others with the weakness.  Another important thing is to drink a LOT of water throughout the day and increasing salt intake is recommended if BP tends to run low.  Doctor spent almost an hour with me!  
Another important thing is (and I know this is difficult), but we must become unfocused on this as it makes it worse to think about it.  Believe me, I know this is a hard one.  I dread going to bed every night, and also dread standing up throughout the day.  But I do understand what doc means when he says the mental part of it can add to the physical symptoms and make it that much worse!

Please let me know more about your stress test, and also if you can relate to any of the above.  
Good luck!  I know what you are going through.  I hope today is a good day for you!
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I do have some problem with exercise intolerance, but not as much as I did before my ablations. Back then I had such bad tachycardia that I could not exercise on the treadmill for more than 3 or 4 minutes, and my heartrate would be near 200. Now I just get tons of PVC's and bigeminy when I exercise.
I am having a bad day today--lots of skips every time I rolled over in bed last night, and lots of skips today when I'm up and walking around. Feels terrible. I have found in the past that I have to keep well hydrated and that Gatorade often helps me quite a bit. I have been working really hard the past couple of months on the mental aspect, but it is difficult. Even though the skips have never hurt me, I always worry that some day they will lead to something worse. I am really trying to face my fears and actually go out and walk or ride my bike even though I am scared to do so.
Thanks for posting again--I really appreciate it!
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i definitely see a correlation for me between more PVCs and allergies. I suffer from indoor and outdoor (i think) allergies, although nothing terrible. i'm prone to post nasal drip mostly, but i notice that i've been having both lately, more PVCs and more post nasal drip.
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Good luck with your stress test today!  Hope you get some answers from your doc.  I thought the increase of palps/throat flutters were from allergies so I went back to doctor on Saturday.  By the way, do you get the flutters in throat also?  Anyway, doc didn't have answers, just prescribed some nasal spray and said it would take at least 10 days to help.  Meanwhile, I decided to take magnesium supplements cause everybody seems to say that could help.  By the next day, I felt 100 times better.  Which worked?  I have no idea.  Does anybody out there have any thoughts on this?  So I'm using both and crossing my fingers that symptoms stay better.  I'll keep you posted and please let me know you do at the doctor today.

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My appointment went well. My doctor did not have the Holter results yet, but looking over my EKG and a Holter from the fall, he felt pretty confident that nothing was happening other than benign palpitations. He even decided against the stress test. And when I mentioned the allergy/ pollen connection, which he would normally kind of blow off, he looked back in my charts and did notice that I only go in to see him in the spring and fall, never winter or summer. To him, that did seem like a strong connection. He said he normally doesn't treat PVC's with allergy medicines, but in my case that they may be exactly what I need. So it sounds like both of our doctors agreed that pollen could be our trigger. Keep me updated on how you are doing!
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Hi!  Did your doctor give you an allergy medication to try?  Are you feeling any better?

I thought the magnesium was helping the most, so I stopped using the nasal spray.  Bad decision.  It's 10 times worse now than it was before.  So I'm using the nasal spray again and hope it works.  Yesterday was awful!  I don't get classic allergy symptoms either, so it's hard to believe allergies are causing this.  Also, I need to go get my thyroid checked since the doctor said thyroid disease can cause these symptoms too.  

Let me know how you're doing.
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You can add me to the list of the allergies and PVCs connection. Worst time for me is the winter here in Texas, when the Juniper (aka Mountain Cedar) pollen kicks in. I notice it every year. Cedar pollen in the air? More skips. I think it has to do with the fact that the pollen also makes me feel achy and tired, and fatigue will also bring on PVCs for me.
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I have had this symptom (PVC's associated because of allergies) for 30 years.  Started when I was 24 and I never noticed a PVC before in my life. Have it every day now.  Have seen numerous cardio doctors, 2 stress tests, was at Mayo's etc.  I am the only one I knew that had this, but I see it is getting more and more common.  I do have a left bundle branch block which I hear is common.  Nothing cures it and nothing helps (you just have to wait it out).  Magnesium will help those with POTS.  Also had issues with panic attacks that doctors thought was mental and you can cure that with more Magnesium and a healthy diet (lots of green leafy vegetables).
Good luck all.
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Yes! I have been searching for someone who has this symptom. your description is ME exactly.  I was once put through heart tests including a heart catheter test because of these symptoms. I had a cold and was iron deficient. My heart was fine. Now usually in late winter, early spring I get a sinus infection with a back drip post nasal (I can feel it in my throat constantly) and skip and irregular heartbeats. I've also been on heart monitors and am told my doc can't hear it on stethascope .  Google " sinusitis arrythmia" infection. It is the only thing I have found to validate what I feel.  I don't have typical allergic/hayfever symptoms either, but feel I am drowning in mucous! Antihistamines; the short acting drowsy ones work, 24 hour non drowsy don't work; help to stop the reaction  (as long as i can get that mucous dried up) along with antibiotics, often 2 rounds!  unfortunately then I am dealing with a too dry nose and dry eyes but there are solutions for that.  Also you  might be interested in "walking  pneumonia" , chlamydia Pneumonia (has nothing to do with sexually transmitted)  and mycoplasma  Pneumonia.  I was diagnosed with the first many years ago after I got fibromyalgia , by a doc who could think out of the box of conservative medicine and was treated for it with doxycycline hyclate antibiotic but it is hard to completely eradicate so it comes back from time to time.  Do you have a cough, also.?  Interesting reading and interesting how many MDs  don't know about these things. I live in a state that has DOs and  they seem more open minded.   I am trying to get rid of an infection now, which is why I went searching again!  LOL  Good Luck to you !  Be well soon.    -  
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