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Almost 4 months post op Ablation

I asked a question around the 3 week mark after my surgery September 1st - I've been feeling better since then, but I have noticed that continuously through out the day I will get these palpitations that make me feel that my heart is racing but when I check my pulse it is fine. My most recent monitor showed 3 beats of the SVT I had before surgery - but my cardiologist said it's fine lets see me back in 3-4 months. I don't want to call and bother about the palpitations but it's bothering me heart wise and mentally that something may be wrong. My resting heart rate is usually between the high 70's to low 90's. Right now as I type this I checked and it was 88. Anyone else have the same problem? He diagnosed me before surgery with SVT and Atrial Tachycardia.
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Adding onto my question - for the ablation they went through both sides of my groin and my neck - and I am also having a pain on the right groin where the catheter was. My mom thinks it's scar tissue. It's usually just a throbbing pain but sometimes it'll shoot into my hip / down my leg.
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