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Alternative for Amitryptileine

I went off amitryptiline when put on tikesyon.  I cannot sleep and I am suffering depression since going off this med.  CCF put me on Ambien, which does not help.  I am on migraine headache meds, which act as antidepressants as well.  These include serooquel, neurontin, depakoate, which all serve as anit-depressants (and for bipolar), as well.  In addition, my neurologist at CCF prescribed pristiq; I am at full dose, and it is not working.  I am under a lot of stress right now with my mom having pancreatic cancer, I have a history of clinical depression, and then the sleep deprivation since June does not help.  My pain management medical pa suggested cymbalta today.  Would that be safe with tikosyn?  Would you have any recommendations for anything else that might help for sleep/depression?  

Is there something other than tikosyn that might work so I could go back on amitryptileine?  Your help in this would be so greatly appreciated.  Amiodorone did not work, and I was having some very low blood pressures that carried dangerous numbers.

Your help as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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My best "internet" wishes for you to find some help.

That said, I assume you: "I went off amitryptiline when put on tikesyon" for treatment of a heart rhythm problem.  I also take the current medication to be Tikosyn. if that's not the case, sorry for the unhelpful post.

Here's a list of possible heart rhythm drugs.  With my annotation/understanding.  

Amiodarone is the most powerful and highest risk/side-effect - not sure what "class"

Class III these two are also very powerful, with similar concerns
Sotalol (trade names Betapace)
TIKOSYN® (Dofetilide Capsules)

Class IC - whild a IC, my cardiologist requires hospitalization to try this drug
Flecainide acetate

Antidysrhythmic (Class IC), I've taken these and have had no problems.
Rythmol SR
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