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Am I going to die soon? Terrified for my life

Just a little background about me, I’m 24 years old with a history of occasional PVCs. They almost always happened at rest, until last year. I noticed very time I would really exert myself or work out I would get PVCs at a high HR. I went to my cardiologist and he had no worries. Then they got worse, I started having frequent PVCs with short runs of v tach anytime my HR would go above 100 BPM. My cardiologist did a echo and holter and said I have a structurally normal heart and there is nothing to worry about. I am taking a low dose beta blocker because the symptoms of the PVCs were unbearable and I still get them when my HR goes up, just not as much. My question is what would cause exercise induced PVCs in a young healthy 24 yr old female? I don’t smoke or drink, I am overweight but am very active, at least I use to be. These PVCs have burdened me to the point where I am thinking about planning my funeral. I have read that exercise induced PVCs and recovery PVCs increase risk of sudden cardiac death. I get both recovery and exercise or should I say tachycardia induced PVCs. Does anyone have any clue as to why I have gotten these all of a sudden? I use to be very active when I was younger and never felt PVCs, only when I was resting. I am terrified there is something going on with my body that the cardiologist hasn’t found. He doesnt want to do an ablation because he feels like it’s not necessary. I am beyond scared to the point where I barely leave the house and when I do I’m very anxious. Yesterday I was lifting a bunch of groceries into my house and BAM, I started getting PVCs and recovery PVCs with increased HR. I do have anxiety but I have had anxiety for years, I would think my PVCs would’ve showed up then when I was having panic attacks and my HR would get up to 170. My cardiologist thinks I have some type of autonomic dysfunction but is not worried in the slightest about my heart despite having tachycardia induced PVCs, recovery PVCs, and episodes of v tach. He believes I’m just a worrisome young adult that has an easily irritated heart. This is my second cardiologist that has told me this. I just want to see if anyone else that is young that has been through this and if they have suggestions. My doctor has told me to exercise but every times my HR goes up I get runs of them and I am scared to death. I don’t want to die but it looks like exercise induced PVCs and recovery PVCs are a big indicator of heart disease in the future. Both of my grandfathers have had major heart attacks and CAD but they were both lifelong smokers and drinkers so I’m not sure if that played a role. I know I can’t change my genetics but I so desperately just want to live. I want to have a normal life and children but I am so scared all the time I am crying right now just writing this. If anyone could please just help I am so desperate.
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