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Am I having ectopic beats or what?

Having an extra beat here and there, in mid of chest.

SOme of them are slightly painful

I think these are ectopic beats right?

Been working so hard a full time job, growing 2 businesses, always on the go.

and with these ectopics, getting more inside of head, more conscious of them,

which is making me even more anxious and exacerbating the frequency of these beats

I notice that anytime I'm present, in my body, not in my head I feel perfectly fine

I can workout like a beast, not get tired so I know my heart is okay

However I do have bad anxiety, stress. When I get anxious, my insides kinda tremble

and I get a tight chest and my heart produces these extra beats. Anyone else have this?

Trying to stay mindful, do meditation and decompress more

A few more things. Don't really sleep well, ,don't drink as much water as I should.

So dehydration can also be a cause. I'm going to change that now.

I heard NO(Nitrogen Oxide) foods can prevent this

What are some things I can do to minimzie or eliminate these EBs?

Do you think it is the anxiety causing the Vagus nerve irritation and producing these extra beats?

Thanks for any advice or help.
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I have the same problem. I have days when my heart skips every 5 to 7 beats. It's scary. There is slight discomfort with each skip. I also have anxiety...prickly painful feelings all over my stomach, mostly...like goosebumps but painful. I've had this for years. Usually when I'm resting in bed. It's hell. Anyhow, I have found that drinking several bottles of 16oz water improves my skipping heart a lot. I just have to remember to do it each day. Today my heart was skipping like crazy for hours so I drank 32 ounces and my heart regulated within 15 minutes. Try it.
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Unfortunately there are a lot of triggers for ectopics. There is no cure. Not even medications and surgeries are 100% effective. Anyone who says they have a universal cure for ectopics is full of it.

All you can do is learn to live with them. Get them assessed when this Covid business is over and present to the ED if they make you feel like you’re fainting
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