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Anxiety & depression taking Flecanide

Does anyone else have an experience like mine? I started taking Flecanide 5 years ago for AFib. It worked great after a settling in period when I had episodes of ectopic heart beats, but since then I've had three bouts of severe anxiety/depression - something I'd never experienced before (even in the mildest form) in 55 years.

I'm now taking Citalopram (20mg) each day & I think this is just counteracting the negative effect of Flecanide.

Does anyone else out there have a similar experience?

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I am taking the anti-arrythmic Norpace and while it is keeping my afib in check (had 2 episodes December 2012 and it was increased from 100 mg. twice a day to 150 mg.) for the last 9 weeks, it does tend to make me teary and that is unlike me.  I notice it more since the increase. Depression is mentioned as a side effect.  I am also very lethargic on it, kind of hard to get things done.  Right now the alternative for me is afib.  I am waiting for a 2nd opinion EP to see if he has some new ideas.  Good luck with this.
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I'm sorry I don't have 1st hand experience for you.  Anxiety/depression are listed as side effects for Flec.
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Its an old treatment for afib but I found beta-blockers worked well, its just that I like hill-walking and the two don't go together too well. I'm going to seek a consultation to change meds - perhaps even revert to Beta-blockers. I hope you get sorted too.
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