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Anxiety Disorder + Exercise = PVC's?

I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder last year, stemming from many things, including frequent PVC's as a young child. They were a terror a night when I was young, and I would have many panic attacks from them. I mostly grew out of them, save for one or two really big skips every few weeks or so. I've had an EKG just laying on a table, and it came out clean.

I've recently decided to start doing more than walking as exercise, and am trying to build up some running endurance. GAD for me comes with a lot of tense muscles, so I've been having mild pain in my shoulders and rib cage area from just being really tensed up all day. But as I was running tonight, my mind got away from me and I started convincing myself that my chest was feeling funny the way it does when my heart is about to start skipping beats,when really I was probably just having muscle tightness. But low and behold, a few minutes before the end of my workout they started. I immediately had to stop running because these send me into an instant anxiety attack; I knew that would not be good since I was already out of breath and I'd run the risk of passing out or hyperventilating. The skips would happen every time I inhaled deeply. I calmed down and decided to end the workout and just go home.

A couple hours and anxiety attacks later, and my rhythm is completely back to normal. Is this something I should bring up with my doctor? I'm almost afraid to go back to running, but I don't want to let fear stop me again this time. I do use an inhaler before running because my asthma tends to be exercised induced--this has caused a PVC episode while swimming against a hard ocean current after using it (I had to calm myself down to continue). But I don't know if this is something to be concerned about or just a mixture of adrenaline and albuterol.
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Sorry you have had such a bad time with your heart, starting at a very young age.  

In general exercise is good for both anxiety and cardiovascular health, but??

Yes, you should discuss with your doctor, who I assume is familiar with your physical health history.

You post reads like you have a solid and strong mind and do deal in the best way with your health problems, but discussion of the details with your doctor is best I believe.
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