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Anxiety and PVC's

I've mentioned my anxiety about my PVC's a few times and I understand the connection between the two and lately I am consumed with fear about them. I've reached out to my cardiologist and my GP to help get this under control but in the mean time I suppose I'm just venting. As I was trying to sleep last night, I started to feel a little tense in my chest and then the PVC's started. Once they were happening every few minutes or so, I became extremely anxious. From 11pm till 3am, I was awake, anxious as all hell and having a strong PVC every 2 to 3 minutes. I continue to be amazed with my ability to disregard what I've been told about the nature of these irregular beats and instead work myself up over them. There's no question here, really, just feeling out of sorts and thought this may resonate with some folks.
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It is completely normal to feel fearful when the heart acts up.  We need our heart to live unlike a lot of other organs so I think it is just our normal human nature to go into fight or flight mode when our hearts behave erratic.  The important thing to do now is to try and talk yourself off the ledge when the fear takes over.  The less stressed we make ourselves over it the less symptoms we will actually have.  I just tell myself that I am OK and there is nothing to worry about over and over again until the fear I am having subsides.  This is good for any sort of anxiety.  Hopefully consulting with the cardiologist will help ease your mind but do make an effort to get on top of the anxiety so it doesn't take too strong a hold on you.  Maybe even see a counselor for a few sessions to discuss your fear of your heart and dying so you can take control of the situation instead of it controlling you.  I know anxiety is a tough nut to crack but with persistence you can take the lead over it.  Best of luck and hang in there.  Remind yourself to breath and relax.  It's going to be OK.  
Thank you, Michelle. I do my best to try and remain calm but the night time palpitations seem the hardest to ignore. Particularly when they're coming one after another. I think I've read too many horror stories on some of the people who for some unknown reason developed constant PVC's for months, and now I'm worried it will happen to me. But you are right, perhaps some counseling is the best choice. Thanks again.
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