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Any advice for pvcs :(

Hi everyone! I’m losing my mind over here due to these pvcs that I’ve been having for a month and a half now!  I do suffer from anxiety mainly health anxiety! These heart palpitations started over a month and a half ago like I said and have happened in the past , 3-4yrs ago I wanna say. I went to the cardiologist back then and wore a Holter for 48 hrs I believe and was diagnosed with benign pvcs. Anyway they eventually went away and I would get them every now and again but this time around I can’t seem to shake them or to get my mind off of them! I went back to the cardiologist and he put me on a monitor for 24hrs but the results aren’t back yet! He seems to think they are nothing to worry about! I also had a ekg done at my primary care doctors that was normal!  I just can’t help think that there is something wrong and I can’t seem to take my mind off them!  Im 38 yrs old and a smoker but other then that I’m in good health! Any advice ?
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I find elevated heart neat while entering sleep/difficult to sleep, if I drink the previous night,, so in short I am stopping drinking,, and mostly after stopping drinking for a week or so it reduces,,, but not sure for how long,,

Try stopping drinking and even smoking which helps,, the medicines like luvox can give a temperory relief, but on a long run,, stop smoking drinking and start workouts
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My doc put me on the lowest dose of Metoprolol (the slow-release kind is good as it spreads the dosage out over day and night), and it helps keep my PVCs under control.  When your heart gets extra whacky, try coughing hard to see if that "resets" it.  
Thanks for your response! I really appreciate it!
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I just got my Holter monitor results back and they said it showed normal sinus rhythm and low grade ventricular ectopy, but nothing to worry about she said , still waiting in echo results!  She told me ventricular ectopy is basically pvcs , is that correct?  Anyone know?  The nurse is the one who called me with results!
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