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Any ideas what causes this?

I am 50 yr old female dealing with horrible peri menopause symptoms. This summer I had a Dr tell me I had a heart murmur but she seemed unconcerned.  This week I had heart beat irregularities and after an ekg was told I am having PVC's.  Could this be hormone or stress related? I am scheduled to have stress and echo next week to make sure there are no valve issues. I am scared to move!!! The PVC's are all day long every few beats, cant imagine what brought this on. I have been on toprol for 8 years
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I'm having horrible peri menopause symptoms as well and the worst is the increase in pvc's and pac's.  My doctor told me that it is hormone related and he also told me that if we had them in our younger years, that we are more likely to have an increase in them during peri menopause.  Mine are every day too.  Some days every few minutes and some days maybe just 100 or so a day.   I have no structural problems so have been told that I need to try and "tough it out".  So far I am just not coping well.  
Good luck with your tests.  I'm sure they will turn out fine and you will be included in my "tough it out it ***** to get old club".      :)

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