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Anybody else have mutifocal pvcs and been told they are benign.

My ep tells me my multifocal pvcs are benign. My testing is all normal but everything I read says multifocal pvcs are dangerous and caused by some sort of heart disease. I can’t find anything that says they can be benign. Anybody else know. Thanks
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They say it's benign because it all depends on your heart condition...not the rhythm itself. If you have a normal heart i.e. normal EF, normal BP, no hypertrophy, no genetic underlying defects (electrical or structural), valve disease, etc. then it's benign. Multifocal just means it originates from more than one part of the heart. If you have multifocal PVCs that could mean just one other place in the ventricles if sending signals earlier than it should. In most people only one spot is irritable, but it's possible to have more than one spot. Doesn't make it any more concerning but it is something to note.
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"No genetic underlying defects (electrical or structural), valve disease, etc. then it's benign" Even if you do have them - in my case electrical defect, call it RBBB - they still could be benign. I still have more than 30,000 per day.
Yeah probably should have worded response a tad differently because some people who have some of these issues and suffer from ectopics may very well think they are in a dangerous situation when they aren't.
You should always check with your doctor and get the appropriate tests for any situation that involves ectopics. There is no situation where a doctor, PA, NP, etc. would not recommend further work up for a patient which presents with ectopics but has not been worked up.

I was replying to this specific instance reiterating the absence of structural heart disease (electrical included) because this patient has been worked up already. There's no reason to continue worrying about the same symptoms (note the same, not new symptoms) if you've been worked up and they have been deemed benign.
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Any other symptoms?
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I have had PVCs since I was in 9th grade (I'm 43).  I played basketball my whole life all the way through college

Ablation attempt two months ago.  Aborted because I want having enough PVCs.

I have two different pvcs so I guess that means multi focal.

He could have cared less.

He only tried ablation for my quality of life.  

Told me that these PVCs will under no circumstances in any universe harm me.

I've had more than a few tests in my day.

He gave me flecainide to try if I want.

I started exercising hardcover two weeks ago and that has helped more than anything.

Hang in there.  It might be your new normal but you're fine if that's what your doc told you.

Things got read on the internet are hard on small snapshots of individual cases.   EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.   What applies to one person doesnt split to the other always.   Listen to and trust your doctor.

I always tell myself "this will pass... just ride it out". It always does.

Some people have chronic migraines.   Some people have back problems.   Some people have bad vision.

We all have something.

You and I?  We have benign PVCs which suck money balls.

Im trusting my doctor and not letting them take away anymore than they have.

Life is short.   Sorry about living it not losing it.
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Holy [email protected] I need to proofread before posting.

Auto correct gremlin got me on that post.

Basically im saying I have multi focal.

Some days i want to jump off a bridge when they're bad.   I just remind myself my dr said I'm fine.   They're like my version of a migraine.

I trust him.   Trust hours and live your life.

Best thing you can do is FORCE yourself out of your comfort zone with these PVCs.

Thanks for the reply
@tronious, actually I got a good chuckle from your post so keep those gremlins fed!  :-)
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I've suffered from PVCs since I was 15, I'm in my 60s now. After eating a ton of chocolate about 10 years ago, I went into a protracted bout of PVCs, 5 per minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it went on for a few months.

They were multifocal and I was seeing a Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist. The Electrophysiologist wanted to do an ablation, but said they were benign. The Cardiologist also said they were benign, and I specifically asked him about the multifocal nature, he saw no reason for concern. The Electrophysiologist put me on Acebutolol 200 mg three times a day, and soon that cycle of PVCs broke.  


Benign PVCs: A heart rhythm doctor's approach. - Dr John M

And read the article, it was a relief to me. He doesn't discuss multifocal PVCs, but he talks about the significance of PVCs in general.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the post that helps alot
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I dont know the answer but if the dr says they are benign, he prob would know best.

Perhaps only if heart disease is present they can be dangerous but all your testing is normal..

I dont know what kind of PVCS and PACS I get but am always told the same thing.
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