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Anyone ever awoke to irregular heart beat and/or dealt with PVC for over 20 years?

So the story line goes like this.  Back in 1997 I was enjoying a beautiful day on Put-In-Bay island.  About half way through the day I started feeling a little "flutter" in my chest.  Now a brief side note before I get too far along is that I am pretty sure that I had noticed little "hiccups" like this before, but not that lasted all day as was the case here.  So that evening while checking into a hotel I began to get nervous that my heart was still beating irregular so we went to the ER at Magruder Hospital.  They hooked me up and that was the first time I ever had heard the term PVC/PAC.  Now incidentally when I was in high school there was a time when I was told that I might have a heart murmur, but that was not found to be the case at least not upon further check ups.  So upon returning from my trip I went to my regular doctor and I showed him my record from Magruder.  He set me up with a Holter monitor which 20 years ago were a lot larger then they are today.  What a pain that thing was. Anyway, through the years I have managed to live a pretty normal life with occasional PVC that frankly have subsided sometimes for what has felt years at a time.  But about 7 years ago I started having PVC a lot more often and I of course started worrying.  I have been a active cyclist for many years including racing and I have completed many charity rides in excess of 200 miles.  I like to think/believe that I am in pretty good shape, but I am also more proactive about my health now then I ever have been.  So here is where my situation is now.  There have been periods time in the past couple years where I will literally have PVC heart beats all day long.  I also noticed for the first time (I think) a couple PVC before the "compensatory" beat, where I think is has always just been one.  I have never felt faint, sick, light headed, shortness of breath or anything ever.  Had EKG, Holter, and Echocardiagram.  Heart doctor says I am ok to continue working out and living life.  Now here is my ultimate question, I have never had a stress test and would like to know from some people who have and just the other night I woke up to use the bathroom and my heart decided to do something new (I think).  It started to feel a flutter in my chest and when I felt my neck for a pulse it was if I was getting random heart beats that didn't have a pulse along with random beats with a pulse.  It was if my heart could get "traction".  All I know is that it freaked me out, felt different the ever before and lasted a couple minutes.  Any input to my short novel here would be appreciated.  Thank you!  
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I know about mine for about 10 years - I am now 81 years old. I wore a 48 hour Holter monitor about 1.5 years ago. the result: 38,000/day Pvc's/Pac's. I was put on Metoprolol 50 mg and they are now down to ~25,000/day - I check them on my cell phone occasinally.
How do you check them?
Using AliveCor Cardia.
Thanks for the insight. I had a holter that showed around 1800 in 24. So with you having 38000 are there quite a few in between your "normal" beats? And do you exercise a lot? What did your doctor think about your heart?
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Those could  be a classic  case of palpitations. If the tests show that structurally you have a good heart then no worries.
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If I wrote up my PVC history it would read very similar to yours.  I've had them for over 30 years.  If I could go back in time I would tell myself not to worry so much about it.  Easier said than done obviously.  
So true.  Have you found any nutrition/supplements that have been found to help you any?  
It's hard to judge because I can go several months with very few episodes and then get hit with several days to weeks of 1000's/day.  I wouldn't know if they came or went due to a supplement.  It's so unpredictable.   I take a vitamin daily and I eat a rather boring diet.  
Ya, it definitely is a fooler when they go away just long enough to kinds be forgotten.  Have you ever gotten a top number of them recorded? And do you ever have more then one in between each regular beat? How about other rhythms noticed?
Interesting, so to what extent have you had your heart checked? Do you exercise a lot even with the extra beats?  And do you have more then one pvc/pac in between the "regular" or compensatory beat? Thankd!
I had all the tests (ekg, holter, echo) several years ago and several ekg's since.  I don't recall the numbers.  They got lots of good data, but at the time I did not ask enough questions.  I don't exercise intentionally any more.  I wrecked a knee and they removed the meniscus, it still hurts.  I do get more then one palpitation in a row on occasion.  I should try the fish oil, I believe it helps with cholesterol too.
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Ok, I had the same thing- since age 12 and I am now age 72. In short, my answer was to take 1,000mg high quality fish oil 2x daily and CoQ10 once daily.  After a week or two my PVC went away - not kidding.  Good luck, just do your research on the internet.  
Congratulations! That is wonderful to hear. How long ago did you start that regimen?
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