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Anyone had ablation of sinus node?

Hello everyone!

So glad to find all of you!! I'm 34, a wife, and mom of 2 kids.  I have Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia.  My pulse gets over 200 at times.  Sometimes even sitting up can trigger an event.  Working out isn't an option, but I hope to workout soon.  I started with High blood pressure and tachycardia at age 23 (11 years ago.) I've been in and out of the hospital for the past three years.  I've tried at least 25 different meds.  I've been unsuccessful with the meds. I now require oxygen to keep my pulse lower.  I've lost the ability to chase my 2 year old son. I get extremely out of breath.

My E.P. surgeon said he is going to change my life.  I believe him.  I'm more scared NOT to have the surgery then to have the surgery.  My 5 year old tried to make me promise that "this was the last time" I"d be in the cardiac unit.  It's not a promise I can make now.  But I'm hoping and praying this will make me a normal mom.

I've had 2 angiograms.  The first was of my renal artery, the second was of my heart.  I also have a birth defect called Myocardial Bridging.  So when my tachycardia acts up, my oxygen gets cutoff and I pass out.

So I'm having an ablation in 4 days.  My problem is in the Sinus Node.  I've been warned that I will likely need a pacemaker after the procedure.  I've also been told some of these cases in the Sinus Node they convert to open heart surgery if they cannot get to the nerves that are acting up.

Has anyone had an ablation of the sinus node? If so, any words of wisdom?

Thanks so much!!! So glad to read all of your stories!

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I just had an ablation for svt in the sinus node. I am getting along wonderfully. I also had 2 other ablations done , one for wolff-Parkinson-white syndrome and an ablation done foe avnode re-entrant tachycardia about 20 years ago. when I was in my early 40's. I am now 64. I know that the ablation I had done for wolff-parkinsons-white syndrome saved my life. When I had that done everything was in the experimental stages. The last one I done was last week at the Med center in Omaha. I believe that will improve my quality of life.
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Jen and Vik, I had an ablation in August last year for chronic a-fib. It was a very easy procedure although a bit long. Yours may be shorter, I don't know. I highly recommend having this done if your doctor is prescribing it. I am in normal rhythm now with just one drug (Rhythmol) and have my energy and conditioning back to where it used to be. I may have a second ablation to eliminate the need for the drug but haven't decided as I'm not sure at this point that I actually need to take it. Just scared to stop I guess. This is a gift, a life changing procedure. Best of luck and let us know it goes for both of you.
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Ablation is an invasive surgery, but I believe it is well understood an usually does not have complications.  Unfortunately, it sometimes doesn't fix the problem either.  If you doctor believes the odds are in your favor for getting a cure - go for it and be confident in yourself and your doctor.

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I have 2 kids too, and i'm having svt's.... they destroyed my life, i just feel i'm not a good mom, i'm irritated, scared, nervous all the time...
Just decided i will have an ablation in a week too...
i hope, it will help you,totally understand your feelings, but we have to fight for our kids, have to show them a good example..not to give up..
I'm so emocional the last days, just scared from the surgery, and from the whole thing.. going to the hospital,  going to sleep for couple of hours....maybe not waking up anymore... it's terrible. But i'm just hopping, it can change my life , and can live normal again like lot of people.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you,and keep us posted
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Sorry, the link overflowed the "Buffer" please do a cut-and-paste of the complete URL, ending in "_search" to the the list of threads I am referring you to.

Good luck,
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If you haven't looked at the history of your subject on this resource, please look at the following which has a number of threads related to our subject:
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