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Are there any coping methods for atrial fib

I am 35 years old and having episodes of atrial fibrillation 2 - 3 times a day.  I have had countless visits to the ER and 8 electrical cardioversions and countless chemical cardioversions in the last 5 months.  I have to wait 4 more weeks for ablation....I am very nervous about the proceedure I am taking 100 mg metoprolol 2 times a day and 300 mg propaphenone 2 time a day and I still get atrial fib occuring at any time during the day.  I have chest pain, shortness of breath, dizzy, pressure in my throat and I feel terrible.  I am wondering if anyone has any ideas about coping with afib.  I just feel tired all the time....I am currently on sick leave from work, I am missing out on my families outings and my quality of life has decreased.  I am just trying to stay positive but I fell like giving up.


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im having frequent severe a-fib as well but no medications or treatment except a pacemaker & countless er visits with the same symptoms ur having..if any1 has any coping skills PLEASE TELL US!!!
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I suffered from a-fib and a-flutter for years. A couple of months right before I had my ablation, I had a-fib attacks everyday. I learned how to meditate and that helped me out. I also would relax and listening to my IPOD during an attack. Both of these things helped me to get my mind off of the a-fib, and helped my anxiety level during an attack. Good Luck to both of you. Wishing you well, and wishing you enough...

(Waitingforablation - Extra Good luck for a successful ablation!)
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I'm curious.  If you're having a pacemaker, how do you know there is an A-Fib?  Do your pacemaker senses if A-Fib then it'll pace it out?  Isn't it during A-Fib, the EKG will show "paced rhythm"?  Why the ER doc told me, they can't tell what rhythm that I got during pacing.  All he can tell "Paced rhythm"!  Do you have 2 leads pacemaker or 1 lead pacemaker?  Sorry for asking that, I want to learn my condition.  
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Thank you for the tips...I am a very anxious person and have a hard time relaxing during an afib episode but I shall try....The IPOD sounds like a good idea and I shall take one with me to the ER next time.  Looking forward to a successful surgery!
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I had ablation yesterday....no complications...very successful....no afib.  I was cardioverted (shocked) 10 times and off my meds in afib 1 or 2 times a day prior to ablation.  Very thankful to be alive and healthy again.  Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.....
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the pacemaker only speeds slow/brady heart rates up-it doesnt slow them down.  a-fib is tachy/fast
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