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Are there any pulse-monitoring devices that are available to the general public?

I currently do not have the money to get a Halter monitor.  Also, I'm probably not psychologically ready to go to a cardiologist and learn that I need an ICD that I will never be able to afford in order to survive lol.  Perhaps sudden death in the illusion of health is better than sudden death amid piles of medication, insane medical bills and stress.  But I digress...  I am aware of many skipped heart beats, premature beats, couplets and bursts that I experience on a regular basis (daily), but I want to know how many ectopics I am not aware of.  I heard that most PVCs or NSVT runs are not noticed by the people who have them.  I sometimes experience dizzy spells and Deja-vu, and I'm worried these are caused by NSVT.  I need something that could monitor my pulse for short periods of time and tell me if at any point it was irregular, like when I'm exercising or talking to someone.  Any advise?
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Dear Nandorph,

Sorry to hear of your condition - many people here would understand it. Most of the arrhythmia can be caught just by checking pulse on your wrist, with NSVT feeling like buzz in the chest, and long skipped bits. May be some charities can help you with the doctors/ treatments - no idea though. Hope there will be a solution!
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I try taking my pulse with my finger.  The problem is, I can only do it for a few seconds or a minute max because it quickly disappears or my hand gets tired.  
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Try to write to these guys - https://theheartfoundation.org/about-heart-disease-2/links-to-resources/ and ask how you can be tested and helped if you do not have funds. Take care - hope things will work out for you!
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